Mom’s anger when armed police officers open a shooting range next to her house without planning permission

An angry mother has surrendered to armed police who opened a shooting range next to her home after finding out the police didn’t even have a building permit.

Corin Hancock was able to walk up to officers with massive guns to tell them to stop, claiming her children were too scared to go outside.

Ms Hancock, 34, and husband Rob Chislett, 48, are in the middle of Britain’s most explosive neighbor dispute.

The couple and their children are afraid to go outside as cops fire large-caliber guns up to four times a week — without a permit.

They say Devon & Cornwall Police used the neighboring pond headstone quarry near Holcombe Rogus, Devon, without a permit for eight years.

In recent years, Mr Chislett says gunfire has gotten much worse, from occasional pistol blasts to machine gun-like fire – and his children are afraid to go outside.

Rob Chislett with his wife Corin and their children


Tom Wren (SWNS)

Video footage of Mr Chislett’s garden shows loud gunfire in the distance.

Last week, Devon & Cornwall Police have since made a new request to fire guns all day, five days a week.

In the filing, they admitted they had been using the site without a permit since 2014, which they put down to “unknown reasons.”

However, a separate application to develop the site shows that Mid Devon Borough Council reminded them to apply this year.

The new motion also called for permission to shoot on weekends and larger caliber guns than before – infuriating locals who say they feel like they are in Ukraine.

Villagers also can’t complain to their local MP, Neil Parish, after he resigned from the House of Commons after being caught watching porn in the chamber.

Mr Chislett, who lives near the Teichgrundquarry, says the site has been used by police for 40 years but since the pandemic began claims it has been used more frequently.

The father-of-two said: “It honestly feels like we’re living in a war zone. I listen to Ukrainian news all the time and I think the videos sound similar to my garden.

“It’s so loud my little boy keeps complaining and saying he doesn’t want to go outside, it’s just too scary.

Corin Hancock confronts officials


Corin Hancock / SWNS)

Officers at the shooting range


Corin Hancock / SWNS)

“It’s been horrifying for us, especially in recent years. The frequency and amount of weapons they test there is absurd.

“It went from about a dozen times a year with relatively small guns to four times a week with high-velocity rifles.

“Apparently, the standard sound level for skeet shooting is around 55 decibels.

“That is a level set by local planning guidelines and anything above that is considered nuisance.

“The values ​​that we have to achieve are 70 to 85 decibels. The design engineer we spoke to said that for every ten decibels, that number multiplies by a factor of ten.

“So at 60 decibels it would be 10 times louder than allowed, at 70 it would be 100 times louder. So we are looking at sounds that are over 1,000 times louder than allowed.

“I can’t tell you the stress it puts on people, especially my wife.”

The officer at the crime scene


Corin Hancock / SWNS)

Mr Chislett also claimed the facility was poorly secured as children at Holcombe Rogus could easily enter the facility via a “poorly maintained” wooden fence.

He also noted that during last week’s shooting, his wife slightly rushed onto the premises in a fit of rage and confronted police officers.

Despite being threatened with arrest, she was eventually able to get officers to cease guns and pack for the day.

Mr Chislett added: “It’s a really real concern that our children, who are five and seven, could just wander onto the grounds or even just get close to them while they’re playing a game of hide and seek.

“Security on site is limited. The wooden fences that are there are basically just the kind put up by local farmers to prevent their livestock from trespassing inside.

“There is also a row of barbed wire around it, but there are easy routes in and out of the site that are used by children and animals to get in and use the site for activities.

Rob Chislett


Tom Wren (SWNS)

“They put up the odd red flag when they start shooting and a sign at the gate, but other than that you could absolutely just wander onto the site, there’s nothing to stop you.

“It’s not a densely populated area at all, but there is a real risk of people trekking onto the site – there are trails that lead all the way to the quarry.”

He even says the nearby RAF base at Yeovilton once called him after a plane was forced to take evasive maneuvers after hearing gunfire nearby.

He claims the Air Force was unaware of the continued use of the range, which they often flew with nearby helicopters.

He added: “It was from a flight planner who was responsible for planning helicopter missions – which are fairly common around here.

“One of his pilots had to swerve while flying nearby because he noticed gunfire and was afraid of ricochets.

“They had to call us because we were nearby and wanted to know if there was anything they needed to know – so the police hadn’t even registered the location.

“It seems overall like an old system that has been around for a long time and they want to keep using it regardless of community or legality.

“We also have two small chalet lodges on our land and one lady brought her partner who had just returned from Afghanistan.

The entrance to the shooting range


Tom Wren (SWNS)

“You can imagine a squaddie who was just trying to relax suddenly finding themselves back in an environment of loud gunfire.”

After suspending use of the facility for a week, Devon & Cornwall Police made their application for permission to use the facility on Monday 23 May.

In the application, Devon & Cornwall Police state: “For reasons unknown to either party, neither Devon & Cornwall Police nor Mid Devon County Council were aware that the temporary consent had expired a number of years ago.

“This may be due to a change in personnel over the years.

“We acknowledge our part in not recording the plan approval error and confirm that this was purely coincidental.

“It was certainly not intended or intended that the end of the temporary consent would go unnoticed.

“The end of temporary consent was brought to our attention last year, 2021.”

Rob Chislett with his wife Corin


Tom Wren (SWNS)

Despite this apology, in 2014 the police made a separate application for planning permission to build a structure on the site.

When this was approved, Mid Devon County Council reminded Devon and Cornwall Police that they would have to apply for a permit to use the site again this year – which they didn’t.

The council wrote: “The applicant is advised that the use of the site as authorized under 04/02000/FULL is pending further planning application 31.”

In response to the request, Mr Chislett said: “I think the most shocking part really is not just the fact that the police have broken the rules, but that they are still ignoring them.

“It feels like the police are just trampling on us, it just feels like another example of the police having their own rules – which is annoying.

“I can’t figure out if the application is so bad that they’re trying to justify building a purpose built unit somewhere else, or if it’s sheer arrogance or incompetence.

“I think it’s probably the latter, which I just find ridiculous.

In response to Mr Chislett’s claims, a spokeswoman for the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner for Devon and Cornwall said: “This website has been used for safe police weapons training since the 1970s.

“Unfortunately, we believe that the expiry of planning permission for this essential activity was missed due to a change in staff.

“As soon as this error became known, our construction and properties team entered into discussions with Mid Devon Borough Council.

“Now an application has been made that makes it possible to take local residents into account and to submit statements.”

Locals now say they intend to challenge continued and future use of the facility through protests and legal action.

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