Mom’s dire warning after girl, 6, was ‘poisoned’ by ‘deadly’ garden plant

Chavana Neuweg urged parents to beware of the signs after spotting a rash on their daughter’s face and to prevent other children from reacting badly to it

The face of Chavana Neuweg's daughter after contact with the plant
The face of Chavana Neuweg’s daughter after contact with the plant

A mother has issued an urgent warning after her six-year-old was poisoned by a “deadly” garden plant.

Chavana Neuweg urged parents to beware of this to prevent their children from reacting badly to it.

It started after she discovered a rash on her daughter’s face.

But then her eye, ear, and entire face became swollen with the blister-like rash that showed no signs of improvement.

She then developed difficulty breathing and acted lethargic, prompting a visit to the doctor.

That Irish mirror shared how Chavana took to social media to warn others about the plant’s dangers and urged them to watch out for symptoms.

The little girl had trouble breathing


Chavana Neuweg/Facebook)

The poisonous plant can cause severe reactions and should not be swallowed


Chavana Neuweg/Facebook)

She said: “This is probably the most important contribution I will ever make here.

“But I couldn’t waste another minute not telling other families so they can be informed too.

“Mostly because it could save my daughter’s life if you just know a little bit.

“Please read this and take it seriously. I am literally asking you for the safety of my child.

“Yesterday my six year old daughter started getting a rash on her face. She has always had bad allergies to bugs/bees/plants, but it spread quickly.

“This wasn’t our first encounter with a bad ‘rash’ on her, so we did what we knew how to treat. (Benadryl, cold compress, oatmeal baths, etc.)

“The rash continued to spread and swell. That morning my daughter’s eye, ear and whole face was so swollen and covered with this blister-like rash.

The little girl developed a rash


Chavana Neuweg/Facebook)

The rash continued to spread and swell, and her eye, ear, and entire face were blistered


Chavana Neuweg/Facebook)

“She was having trouble breathing, seemed lethargic and just plain unhappy.

“We took her to the doctor and they gave her prednisone as a poison.

“At that point we weren’t sure what and where she might have come into contact with poison.

“That evening the rash was still spreading and her face was still extremely swollen. She hardly spoke and slept off and on throughout the day.

“We decided to take a walk around our property to look for any plants that might give her such a bad reaction. And then…we found her. And wow, were we surprised.”

The mother explained that poison hemlock had been growing in her garden and hundreds of the plants had spread to her property and adjacent homes.

She said: “Our property (and all of our neighbors’ properties) are lined with hundreds of very dangerous plants called POISON HEMLOCK.

“After a brief search (which turned into hours of research) we quickly found what we were dealing with, which was worse than we ever anticipated.

“Our daughter sniffed the top of this ‘flower’, picked it up and caused one of the worst poison reactions I’ve ever seen. She is still in bad shape as I write this.

“This plant is DEADLY. It is considered one of the absolute worst and deadliest plants in America. It looks like a harmless weed but can grow over 10 feet tall. You can often find them along streams, railroads, and ditches.

“The plant is unlike many others because it affects the nervous system and can cause nerve and muscle paralysis, vomiting, nausea, coma, muscle pain, seizures, convulsions, loss of speech, tachycardia, and more.

“This plant is so bad that if or when you find it you have to turn it over to the state and they have to dispose of it because it’s actually illegal to do it yourself. Also, you must never burn them!!! Poison to get airborne.

“I’m not posting this to scare you. But please educate yourself and your babies about dangerous plants/trees because it is so important!”

Even touching poison hemlock can cause a skin reaction in some people


Chavana Neuweg/Facebook)

The hemlock plant has white flowers that grow in clusters and the stem has purple spots.

Poisoning occurs after ingesting any part of the plant, e.g. B. the seeds, flowers, leaves or fruits.

All parts of this plant contain toxic alkaloids that can be deadly even in small amounts.

The alkaloids can interfere with the transmission of nerve impulses to your muscles, eventually killing you by failing to breathe.

Even touching this plant can cause a skin reaction in some people. To date there is no antidote.

Poison hemlock is also known as deadly hemlock, poison parsley, California fern, and spotted hemlock.

hemlock or poison hemlock


(Getty Images/DeAgostini)

Common symptoms of poisoning are: tremors, burning in the digestive tract, increased salivation, dilated pupils, muscle pain, muscle weakness or muscle paralysis.

It can also cause a rapid heart rate followed by a decreased heart rate, loss of speech, convulsions, loss of consciousness, or coma.

If someone experiences side effects after touching, tasting, or eating a poisonous hemlock plant, they should seek medical attention immediately.

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