Monster Hunter Rise PC Review: Looks Like I Won’t Return to Switch for Sunbreak

Monster Hunter Rise is one of the best games in the series. We know that much from The title’s Nintendo Switch launches back in 2021. It may lack some of the depth and breadth of Monster Hunter World, but the more stylized, easier to understand sequel to the game that brought these games into the mainstream is still a great evolution. great for the series and totally worth your PC time too.

For what it’s worth, I spent over 100 hours in Monster Hunter Rise on Nintendo Switch. Playing with a Pro Controller (naturally) and usually attached to my TV, the Switch version of the game is great… but the PC version is great.

The PC version of the game takes care of everything the Switch version did – agile, responsive combat; an engaging play loop; some parts are really clearly recognizable; a great list of monsters – but having done it all with a much higher level of technicality, it’s hard to go back to the Switch version (where my Complete Hunter lives up to all his lovely exploits. surname).

Of course, the most notable upgrades are in the jar. If you have a game-capable machine with the graphics options cranked all the way up and with frame rates anywhere above 60FPS, how much better night and day experience will be compared to when done at 30FPS at 756p updated / 540p unmounted.

Take on the first major landmark fight you do in the game (a fight you can join PC demo of Monster Hunter Rise) shows you confronting the aggressive, relentless Magnamalo. Rise’s ‘cover monster’ is testament to why the game is so good; it shows how powerful Capcom’s animation kit is in the game, and requires you to think on your feet and respond to countless prompts from both your environment and your quarry to appear on top.


Seeing Magnamalo writhe, squirm and leap, unobstructed by frame rate caps and creating dynamic shadows as it swoops around the arena… it’s so much more epic and dramatic than it was on the Switch.

The light-hearted and anime-inspired art direction of Rise did a lot of work for the Switch version of the game; softening the edges and making the shaders work at low resolutions was a smart move by the engineers behind the RE Engine. But on PC, that already beautiful art style resonates even more. When the light is just right and you see the shadow of a monster falling on the ground as the rays hit it’s an annoyed face as it rushes towards you, it’s hard not to just love the whole thing dead damn it and risk being cut off. a series of claws and teeth.

The practical side of this? You are better at the game. Of course you! You can see what’s going on more clearly. You can read the monster’s body language better before it passes you by. It may be easier for you to react to the tail whip and rush out of the way with your health and dignity (almost) intact.

Monster Hunter has long traded these little moments of superhero-like ingenuity and superhero-like fairness to make you feel like the bad guy and have a chance to realize your potential for good. more because your Switch doesn’t slow down or your JoyCon doesn’t eat your opinion just makes the whole experience even better. Trim Rathalos’ tail in a few clean hits when smoke from the magma beneath his feet obscures its view and your teammates smack it with fire from a clearly recognizable vantage point in the distance? I didn’t realize how badly I was missing all of that after leaving the Switch version of the game.

I still haven’t been able to complete the High Rated quests in the Center, so I don’t want to consider this an appropriate, graded review of the PC version of the game. But I will say this: I think I will have to play expansion of Sunbreak on the PC when it launches. It’s great to have the game in my pocket on the Switch, I can’t face dropping the 4K/60FPS+ version of the game now because I’ve whetted the appetite for the game to be rendered at this quality.

What a shame; I fell in love with Monster Hunter Rise on Switch. But no native voice chat support, poor performance, and (I don’t like to say) no achievements just make the whole new idea of ​​scaling on inferior hardware a less appealing prospect. .

Monster Hunter Rise comes to PC on January 12, 2022, sharpen that switch ax, cut out that energy drink, and get ready to create a storm. Monster Hunter Rise PC Review: Looks Like I Won’t Return to Switch for Sunbreak

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