Monster Hunter Rise’s PC features are tempting me to put another 100 hours into the game

There are a lot of people out there who will call Metroid Dread the Nintendo Switch Game of the Year for 2021. In fact, many would probably call it Game of the Year, the full stop. But I don’t even think it’s the best Switch game of 2021: at the start of the year, Capcom Surpass all expectations with Monster Hunter Rise – a simpler game that is slightly easier to play than its undeniably denser console sibling, Monster Hunter World.

On Switch, I’ve spent over 100 hours on Monster Hunter Rise in 2021 (thanks to some lockdowns and a gentle start to the new year), so you’d think I could afford to chase the Rathalos on the back of a flying dog, stick my sword to their heads and rip their skin theirs so I can wear it as a coat. But, as PC release date January 12, 2022 As I approached, I couldn’t help but find myself very excited to be heading back to Kamura Village again.

Why? Why would I want to make such a commitment when we already have these Elden Ring and Forbidden Horizon in the West Quick access? First, I never got to experience all of the DLC added after the game’s launch. It’s been a tradition for Monster Hunter titles to keep updating the game long after release, and in the months since it first hit the Switch, Rise has been updated with armor sets and weapons. associated with Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin, Okami, Street fighter, Mega Man 11, Resurrection of Ghosts ‘n Goblin and not Capcom Sonic the Hedgehog.

I didn’t really think I could say I’d actually played the game until I lunged at the top monster Magnamalo, dressed as a nimble blue hedgehog while my dog ​​- in disguise become everyone’s favorite entry point, Tails – stab it with the sword it holds in its mouth. Excellent.


If you picked up the game on Switch but put it down when the credits first hit, chances are you’re also missing out on some cool new stuff: all the newly added monsters and quests The game will be available in Monster Hunter Rise upon release, which is essentially a clone of version 3.6.1 of the Switch game. This also means there’s a new ending to the game that wasn’t present when the title first launched in 2021 – if you’re eager to catch up and ready to play. expansion of Sunbreak that’s by landing this Summer, you can also do that on a platform that has all the bells and whistles and that won’t slow you down when you’re about to build a Barioth.

And that brings me to the real reason I want to go back to Monster Hunter Rise on PC. Sweating a Rampage on Switch is all well and good, but when there are more than five or six monsters and four players on the screen at once, the hardware starts to struggle a bit. On PC, with 4K graphics, higher resolutions and frame rates, plus the option to mess around with the advanced graphics settings… all things become more interesting.

Take some time in PC demo of Monster Hunter Rise late 2021 has been extended: unlimited framerate shows how smooth and smooth this game can be when it’s not tied to 30FPS (just like on Switch). Some of the best moments in Monster Hunter have always been near-misses and well-timed kills. Glide through the Elder Dragon’s fireball without any health left, gliding through a tail swipe and then snapping the monster’s tail, hurling himself off a cliff and onto the back of a ferocious bear before riding it onto a mountainside … these crazy dogs, those time-sensitive bait moments and twitch reflexes make a lot more sense when everything is running at 60FPS plus.

Using the option to apply improved textures makes the world so much more vivid and pleasant – it certainly will never look like Monster Hunter World, but it doesn’t have to be. Not with that glitzy, realized art direction. The increase in clarity from docked / 540p unmounted 756p, also night and day on PC; just from the demo it allowed me to see some of the extra detail and nuance in the monster design that was lost on me, glancing at my Switch in the dark at 4am.

Last, but not least, there’s voice chat built in to the PC release. My monster-hunting senpai and I used to host Xbox Live parties and chat over another platform when we went hunting last year…not an ideal setup for several reasons. Monster Hunter is, for many people, a social game, and as such, being able to easily brave and bark when we’re caught up in an angry Magnamalo is another surprising appeal the release PC has compared to the original.

If you’re not sure about trying Monster Hunter Rise on PC, all I can say is: there’s a reason why it shipped over 5 million copies on Switch alone. If you like the game and want some expert guidance on how all crafting, hunting and fighting works, check out our details Monster Hunter Rise Guide available at the link.

Rise is one week away on PC, and it will mark the start of a terrifying year for the game. I guess I just need to hit 100+ hours before the Q1/2022 stacking starts in earnest. Monster Hunter Rise’s PC features are tempting me to put another 100 hours into the game

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