Mother’s Day poems: seven classics in honor of mother

With Mother’s Day this month, many people want to give something back to the woman who raised them, beyond the classic scented candle.

For some families, the responsibility of preparation will fall to the most dedicated sibling, for others scribble their names at the bottom of a card their more caring sister or brother has sent. buying.

So, to ease the burden of finding the right words to say, here are some lines you can borrow from the collection of famous poets and their famous works about mother.

To My Mother, by Edgar Allan Poe

Because I feel that, in Heaven,

Angels, whispering to each other,

Can be found, among the terms of their burning love,

No one is as reverent as “Mother”,

So by the dear name I called you long ago — You are more than a mother to me,

And fill my heart where Death has installed you

To set my Virginia spirit free.

My mother – my mother, who died early,

But being my own mother; but you

Is it the mother of someone I love so dearly,

And it’s someone dearer than the mother I’ve ever known

Because of that, my wife

To my soul dearer than its soul life.

Tintype on the Pond, by J. Lorraine Brown

Believe it or not,

old lady said,

and I tried to visualize it:

a girl,

Polished white ribs of the barbecue

tied to her boots with ropes,

twine covered with candle wax

so she can surf

uninterrupted on ice –

my mother,

Skate on bones.

Sonnets Are Full of Love, by Christina Rossetti

Sonnets are filled with love, and here are my items

There are many sonnets: so here now will

Another sonnet, another love sonnet, from me

To her, whose heart is the quiet home of my heart,

For My First Love, My Mother, who was my knee in arms, I learned the love story without hassle;

Whose service is my special dignity,

And she loads my star while I go and come.

And because you love me, and because

I love you, you have woven a garland

Rhymes which glorify your honorable name:

In you not years can quench the fire

Of love, where blessed light transcends all laws

Time and change and life and death.

Mother, by Lola Ridge

Your love is like moonlight

turning harsh things into beauty,

so the little souls grimaced

reflect each other

like in a cracked mirror…

be seen in your shining spirit

their own reflection,

transformed as in a stream of light,

and love you for what they don’t.

You are no longer an image in my mind

more than one light

I see you in the twinkling light

pale as starlight on the gray wall…

appeared like the reflection of a white swan

shimmering in broken water.

Poem made on a late-night train, by Carl Sandburg


Here’s one thing my heart wishes the world had more of:

I heard it in the air of a night when I listened

To a mother singing softly to a restless and angry child in the dark.

Mother o ‘Mine, by Rudyard Kipling

If I were hanged on the highest hill,

My mother o’, my mother o’!

I know whose love will still follow me,

My mother o’, my mother o’!

If I drown in the deepest sea,

My mother o’, my mother o’!

I know who will shed tears for me,

My mother o’, my mother o’!

If I am wounded in body and soul,

I know who will pray for me,

My mother o’, my mother o’!

To a Child, by Sophie Jewett

Leaves talk in the late afternoon, my dear;

Hear the story they told: How in a faraway place and a certain year,

Before the world grew old, I was a dreamy tree,

You are a wild, sweet bird

Who protected my heart

For the north wind stirs; How, when the cold wind is still there,

When peace calms fear, You stayed for a golden hour to fill it

My dream with singing, dear. Come night, the same songs are sung

Green forest first heard; My heart and the gray world become fresh—

To protect you, my bird. Mother’s Day poems: seven classics in honor of mother

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