“My 12 year old was left unattended in an overnight stay – I am absolutely furious”

A woman went to Mumsnet to complain about her child’s friend’s parents as she was genuinely upset that they had left their own children and daughter unattended for hours

The mother left her child in the care of other parents - and she regrets it
The mother left her child in the care of other parents – and she regrets it

If you leave your child with someone else for an overnight stay, you expect the parents to be there, right?

They would also likely expect the children in their home to be either entertained or provided with snacks and general care.

Well, not in the case of this kid, as they were left unattended with their friends while their friends’ parents left to supposedly go to the office.

However, the mother who went to Mumsnet was shocked to learn the child’s mother came back “stumbling” because she had actually been to the pub.

She asked on the platform if other parents thought it was unreasonable to want more for their children.

The mother was angry and wanted to confront the parents of her child’s friend

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In one post, she explained, “There’s a lot of other issues with this family, but that’s what I found out recently…when my child (12) first stayed at a friend’s house, the parents said they were ‘to the office around 8:30 p.m.’ walk’ (15/20) minutes away.

“Anyway, the dad came back 2 hours later, his kids asked where mom was, ‘at the pub,’ he said.

“The mother in my child’s words ‘stumbles in’ and slurs saying ‘sorry it was one night I think I have Covid’ she was upset.

“Basically, they never entertained the kids, just lied about going to the office at 8:30 a.m. and f***ed off to get mad.

“She had left my child and her girlfriend (12) and her other child (9), remember she has to find babysitters for her children when they go out.

“I’m mad this is just the last nail in a big friggin’ coffin with these people.

“When I sleep over I cook, try and plan activities etc if the children want, but I would never in a million years leave anyone’s child unattended! Especially at night! The kids are really only 12 years old.

“I haven’t said anything for the sake of the kids, but should I? Besides that, the woman is frankly unbearable anyway…this incident happened a few months ago before any other incidents.

|I didn’t know her before as she is a friend my child met when they started secondary school.”

She was angry that her child was left unattended

People were divided, with some parents supporting the angry mother but others saying the children at this age could be left alone for a few hours.

One wrote: “Contact protection at school about your children and never let yours stay with you again.”

Another suggested: “I would encourage future overnight stayers to still be at your home in the future, just tell them you really enjoy hosting and they may be grateful.”

One argued: “It’s not right but I don’t know why you expect parents to entertain 12-year-olds at a sleepover. At that age, even before that age, I would expect the kids to just do their own thing in their rooms or whatever.”

“You are unreasonable to let your child stay with you at all,” wrote one gruffly.

Another parent wrote: “I think 12 is a reasonable age for kids to be left alone for a few hours. When the doors are locked, they know how to operate and turn off equipment safely, and know who to contact in the event of an emergency.

“However, it was inappropriate for the mother to get upset and yell about Covid in front of the children.

“If you are uncomfortable with the whole facility, do not allow your child to sleep there again. Or wait until it’s a few years older, around 14/15, to sleep there again.”

“You’re obviously very upset about this, so just be thankful your child is safe in your care now. Just don’t let your kid go there again,” suggested another.

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