“My acne was so bad I stopped having sex — but now I’ve found a natural cure.”

Mandy Nazé, 29, says her face, forehead, chest, neck and back were badly affected and she had a thick layer of pus and discharge, which caused her great pain

Mandy with acne
Mandy feared her partner would be disgusted with her cysts and abscesses

If you’ve ever suffered from acne, you can easily understand how Mandy Nazé, 29, felt at the low points.

She was just 15 years old when she first developed acne in 2007 – doctors diagnosed her severe breakout as nodulocystic acne.

Her face, forehead, chest, neck and back were badly affected, and she had a thick layer of pus and discharge, which caused her great pain.

Just a few months later, she found a cyst in her groin caused by a painful long-term skin condition that caused abscesses and scarring.

It usually occurs near sweat glands, where hair follicles are usually found around the groin, butt, breasts, and armpits.

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Mandy started suffering from acne when she was 15



She began to consider alternative options



This left behind her fear of intimacy – as she believed her partner would be disgusted with her abscesses, cysts and pimples.

The 29-year-old was diagnosed with various creams that didn’t help and was offered Accutane but declined because of the side effects.

It wasn’t until her doctor told her about the Diane 35 pill—a treatment used for severe acne when other medications haven’t worked—that she found a product that helped relieve her symptoms.

But a decade later, she dropped the pill in favor of a naturopathic approach.

While stopping hormone treatment initially caused her condition to worsen, she now says she has found a natural solution that works for her.

This includes a healthy diet, medicinal plants, exercise several times a week, lymphatic massages, sauna and herbal and essential oils.

Now she feels in control of her skin



Now her acne has significantly reduced



Now Mandy’s condition has improved significantly leaving her cyst and abscess free for two years, something she had never managed to do before.

Mandy said: “It took a toll on my relationship because intimacy became difficult to deal with.

“The hardest thing about this skin condition is the unpredictability. You never know when a new flare-up will hit, and when it does, you wonder how long it will last.

“Sometimes you have to cancel planned activities with friends at the last minute and you end up cutting yourself off socially because you can’t live the way you want to – for many years I couldn’t even wear the clothes I wanted to wear like jeans, because they were too tight.

“My confidence was badly damaged over the years that I suffered badly from acne because I had to withstand the looks of people looking at my face and bust size. The looks were derogatory, like I was dirty.

She struggled with intimacy



Mandy shows off her acne free back in a low back dress at the beach



“Having a boyfriend affected the intimate moments of our relationship because sometimes it just wasn’t possible.

“I was afraid that my abscesses, cysts and pimples would disgust my partner even though I knew he loved me.

“I’ve always been very, very concerned about the scars my acne has left, especially on my forehead and back. I’ve always worn makeup and refused to wear low-back clothes even though I really wanted to.”

Mandy says her self-care routine now includes healthy eating, cold showers, hot baths and saunas, and switching her entire cosmetics and makeup routine to plant-based and healthy products.

She says the most important thing for those affected is not to shut down and talk to those around them about how they are feeling.

Mandy said: “I’ve been working on my anxiety and mental health which is very closely related to my skin issues. I learned how to meditate and breathe properly.

“I feel better about myself because I can finally enjoy a normal life.

“I would advise anyone suffering from skin conditions that it is normal to belittle yourself sometimes, but you have to believe that you are worth more than your skin. Love yourself because nobody will do it better than you.

“Your body doesn’t do this to hurt you, it does this to find a balance, so you have to help it. Don’t hesitate to explore other avenues of treatment.

“I often say, ‘It’s not the quality of our skin that matters, it’s the quality of our thoughts on it.'”

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