“My boyfriend wants to name our son after his cat – but it feels gross”

A pregnant woman was left baffled after her boyfriend said he wanted to name her upcoming arrival after his pet cat – as the idea feels “really off-putting” to her

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The couple argue over their baby’s name (stock photo)

Many new parents looking for baby names find inspiration in the names of parents, grandparents, and other important family members they may wish to honor.

But would you ever name your baby after your pet?

That’s what a man tries after telling his girlfriend he wants to name their son Max, which happens to be the name of the cat he shared with his former fiancee before they broke up.

in the An entry Speaking on Reddit, the mom-to-be explained that she initially thought Max was an average name and agreed to consider him as she saw no reason not to.

Woman says she named her baby after a cat made her feel ‘disgusting’ (stock photo)


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But after the man’s sister told her the origins of the name, she changed her mind – as the idea of ​​naming her baby after a cat struck her as “really off-putting”.

She wrote: “My partner and I are expecting our first baby together. We recently found out it’s a boy and we’re trying to come up with a nice boy name. My partner suggested Max as he really loves the name. I don’t like the name but agreed to consider it as I couldn’t really think of another name.

“We were talking to his sister about baby names and I mentioned that he suggested Max. She mentioned that it was the name of a cat he shared with his ex-fiancée. When they broke up, she took the cat and he never saw her again.

“When we got home I told my partner I was uncomfortable naming our first baby after the cat he had with his ex. It felt kind of gross to me. He told me I was overreacting to how the cat and baby will ever meet.”

The woman admitted it feels like the pet is “her baby” because he shared the cat with his ex, and now that they’re starting a family of their own, giving their baby the same name feels wrong give.

But her boyfriend doesn’t see things that way and thinks his partner is just “sensitive”.

She added: “He shared this cat with his ex, it was like her baby and it feels really bad to name our baby after her cat. He told me I was overly hormonal and I need to stop being so sensitive about it.

“He also said I didn’t like the name at all, so I’m looking for excuses not to name our baby Max. It ended with a little argument where I basically said I refuse to think about it and he calls me an asshole.”

Commenters on the Reddit post were equally stunned by the boyfriend’s choice of baby name. Many said that the name should not be chosen lightly, since it will stay with the child forever.

One person said: “It’s not just a name, it will be your child’s name and it will stay with them throughout their life. It’s weird that he wanted to name the baby after a cat and didn’t tell you.”

While another wrote, “Naming a baby after a pet you shared with an ex is weird and makes it sound like the person doing this isn’t over their ex yet.”

And a third explained: “Realistically, it’s no big deal that he used his favorite name for his cat and wants to use it for his child. However, he is an asshole for how he reacts to you and your opinion.

“You both have to like the name, if you don’t (and whatever the reason, you don’t need an excuse) you’ll find something else.”

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