My brother fights for custody

One MUM has revealed her frustration at having to look after her brother-in-law’s kids – even though he’s fighting for full custody of them.

The upset woman went to Mumsnet and said she was at her “completely smart end”.

A woman expressed frustration after being left to care for her brother-in-law's child when he was not


A woman expressed frustration after being left to care for her brother-in-law’s child when he was notCredit: Getty Images – Getty

She said: “I was so fed up and no one seemed to see the side of me and I was expected to ‘do it for the family’.”

The woman said that her brother-in-law and his ex-lover broke up four years ago and decided to share a house.

However, things got a bit “toxic” because the ex-partner had some “problems”, which resulted in the brother-in-law being given “full custody of the children”.

User Mumsnet explains: “She sees the kids once a month supervised by her parents.

“She wants more exposure, he doesn’t want her, so if he needs someone to take care of the kids, he won’t approach her or her family, wants to look like him.” can cope so that he relies on us a lot.

“The problem was that I was the only one in his family who was at home a lot, as I was the one who stayed at home looking after a very young child and had another child along the way.

“It’s just unchanged.

“His kids are here all the time, three days a week, he takes them home at 8 o’clock and I feed them breakfast and ride the bus to school with them and my kids (I ride with my husband and he needs to go to work. ).

“I have to get in the car to pick it up and then drive it home with him to pick me up around 5:30.

“That doesn’t sound too bad, but he works on weekends so I get two days off a week, he gets a day off but on weekends I have his kids two weekends in a row, after It’s a weekend off.

“From breakfast to dinner!”

The busy mother said it was difficult to talk to her brother-in-law about asking to babysit.

She said: “A couple of times I’ve texted to say I can’t, and I just get comments like ‘When I go to court everyone says they’ll help me’, not bloody matter. mine that you vie for more custody than you can manage!

“He did some rota for the court to show how he would manage school transportation etc and we were all authorized but all the burden of it fell on me. .

“I tried to talk to dh [darling husband] and he said this is what you do for the family.

“The first six months of this arrangement, I just loved it, but their mother wanted to see them more and he stripped her because of her mental problems, she was depressed because of her. She lost her child.”

His kids are here all the time, three days a week, he takes them away at 8 o’clock and I feed them breakfast and ride the bus to school with them and my kids.

User Mumsnet

User Mumsnet said the ex-partner was “not a bad person” and that she “loves those guys.”

She continued: “I’m just the end of my wits, I feel so guilty to their mother that she’s missing them and here I feel like I’ve got two new kids without a hitch. I do not ask.

“I love my grandchildren but I am not their mother, I did not contest custody of them, so why should I look after them?

“Why when I complain, I just say I have to help because he only gets full custody because he has a supportive family?

“I care about my nephews but I am not happy with this arrangement and feel bad for saying so.

“I’m exhausted and I just finished work. I want to enjoy time just with my kids!

“It’s been almost two years now, I’m still juggling them around my first child, I don’t do that with my second.

“Never thank, never pay for bus tickets and food they have here, never contribute to anything even though they are at my house almost every weekend, using electricity mine on their game console and eat my food.

“I just feel like I’ve been fairer but I’m being ignored at this point. Only grieve if I ever say no. A couple of times I said no and he dropped them anyway. ”

Mumsnet users were quick to share their support.

One said: “The free ride basically needs to end, he can arrange his own childcare and pay for it like any other working single parent.”

Another said: “I think many men who insist on child custody have absolutely no idea how they will cope and have no intention of doing it alone.

“Their poor mother – I’m sure she’ll at least jump at the chance to have a baby on those weekends. It’s horrifying that she didn’t get the chance to do that.”

A third commented: “If you’re friends with your mom, start arranging meetups in the park or whatever.

“Tell your brother that’s what you’re doing. He will stop talking to them or she will have a relationship with her children. “

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