“My cat was killed by a car and the driver didn’t break the law by not stopping”

Olivia Holland-Rose is seeking an amendment to the Highway Code after her pet was tragically killed as drivers are currently not required to stop if they hit a cat

Olivia Holland-Rose was devastated when a driver killed her beloved cat, Dart
Olivia Holland-Rose was devastated when a driver killed her beloved cat, Dart

A pet owner has called for a law change after her beloved cat was found dead by the side of the road – when a motorist failed to stop.

Olivia Holland-Rose, 33, was heartbroken after being told by her neighbor to “come downstairs as soon as possible” after sleeping in with her partner, reports said MyLondon.

Tragically, her neighbor broke the news that her British Longhair, Somali Cross, D’Artagnan, or Dart for short, had been killed by a motorist in January this year.

Her beloved pet was found on the side of the road by a passerby after they took the cat to nearby houses to identify the owner.

After weeks of heartbreak and grief, the south Londoner was shocked to find motorists didn’t have to report the killing of a cat if they collided with them on UK roads.

However, this is not the case with other animals such as dogs, and Olivia is now on a mission to change the Highway Code to make cats legal.

She is tasked with changing the Road Traffic Act


My London WS)

Section 170 of the Road Traffic Act 1988 requires a driver to stop and report an accident involving certain animals including horses, cattle, donkeys, mules, sheep, pigs, goats or dogs but not cats or wild animals.

This requirement stems from their status as working animals and not pets. Olivia would like this to be changed to include cats.

She wants Parliament to change the law and is now looking for 50,000 more people to help her cause.

Of the death of Dart, a 11lb tomcat, Olivia said: “I was sleeping in at the end of January when I received a text from my neighbor to come downstairs as soon as possible.

“When we went downstairs we knew something really bad had happened because our neighbor was crying.

“They told us our cat had been found dead on the side of the road and we were devastated.

“A stranger had found our cat on the side of the road and walked it up and down the street until someone recognized him and broke the bad news to us.

“Dart was a community cat and during lockdown he was a figure on our street, climbing through people’s windows and playing in neighbours’ gardens.

She was shocked to learn motorists weren’t required to report the killing of a cat if they collided with them on UK roads


My London WS)

“He was our fur baby, we had just got married and that family bubble was bursting.

“We were heartbroken and everything in our apartment reminded us of him. I was shocked to find out that unlike dogs, if a motorist hits a cat, they don’t have to report it.

“There is no law or even an obligation to do this.

“It was horrifying and the discrepancy between such a kind stranger telling us of Dart’s death and a motorist who hit our cat and then left him on the side of the road was heartbreaking.”

Olivia explained that when researching the Road Traffic Act, cats were not placed in the same group as dogs and there was no need to report a hit.

she has started a petition trying to make the same rules apply to cats as to dogs. She currently needs another 50,000 signatures to bring the motion to parliament.

Olivia said: “There are 11 million cat owners in the UK and they’re the second most popular pet so it’s kind of crazy that there aren’t any laws protecting them.

“There’s nothing to say that it’s not right to just keep driving and not report hitting someone’s animal.

“We don’t blame anyone because sometimes animals walk out onto the street and there’s nothing to stop them.

“What we want is for people who own pets to know that there is a community duty to report this if it’s happening.

“After starting my petition, I was contacted by thousands of people who never found out what happened to their cat.

“Dart weighed 5kg and was wearing a collar, so there was no reason to believe he was a stray.

“We want to change the Road Traffic Act so that cats are among the animals that motorists should report if they hit them.”

Supporting Olivia, Bell Ribeiro-Addy, Labor MP for Streatham, said: “It seems ridiculous that dogs, pigs, cattle, donkeys and horses are protected by the Road Traffic Act but cats are not.

“Around 230,000 cats are killed in traffic accidents every year. If motorists are stopped and reported a cat collision, we could potentially save thousands of cat lives.

“I am delighted to support my constituent, Olivia Holland-Rose, in her campaign to protect cats under the Road Traffic Act and hope the Government will take steps to protect the UK’s second most popular pet.”

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