‘My dad named his new born like me – I’m heartbroken’

A young woman was left ‘shaky’ after discovering that her father and stepmother intended to reuse her name for their newborn daughter. Her family doesn’t understand why she is so upset

Father and daughter look worried
She worries her relationship with her father will never be the same again (stock image)

A mom-to-be claims she’s discovered she’s pregnant at the same time as her stepmother and want to throw a big family baby shower and BBQ to celebrate.

However, she said that she had to invite her father and stepmother after it was reported that they intended to reuse her name for the little girl they had always wanted, seemingly without thinking. about whether this could be considered a harmful decision.

The woman, named Helena Jesse, tells how she was born shortly after her parents finished high school, and was named after her father’s beloved grandmother Helena and father Jesse.

Her parents’ relationship did not last long, and her mother was given full custody. Growing up, Helena only really saw her father every summer and on some vacations. As an adult, however, she makes an effort to be a part of each other’s lives, despite living in different states and visiting him much more often.

As a result, she was shocked and upset when her stepmother Sarah texted her to let her know that she had chosen one Name for her young daughter, at the suggestion of Helena’s father: Helena Jessie.

The couple wanted to give their new baby the same name (stock image)


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Taken to Reddit, Helena, 22, said: ‘I’ve been trying so hard to bond with my dad after all these years and I really wanted him to be close during this time so I asked my mom if my stepmother and I could be together. Can we take a bath together? She agreed because she helped me set it up.

“So I asked about the baby’s gender or name so we could work on a topic because I already knew I was having a boy. I suggested that a name would be more appropriate so I could have a son. embroidered a gift.My stepmother sent me a text with the name she chose for her new daughter: Helena Jessie”.

Helena, who uses the username u / lena_joy, continued: “Turns out, my stepmother really liked the name and said she chose it on my dad’s suggestion.

“I called my dad and he explained that he wanted to keep those names in the family and that our names would be different because I have my mother’s last name and this girl is going to take his. tried to argue that it was used by me and he couldn’t steal my name.

“He wanted to use them again. I literally lost it and told him that until they changed their name, they couldn’t come to the bathroom.”

According to Helena, Sarah is now “really upset” about the situation. Since she didn’t have enough money to plan her own bath, she was looking forward to going to her stepdaughter’s party and was disappointed that the invitation was cancelled.

Her father was also upset about Helena’s reaction, as he had booked time off from work to take a shower.

Helena’s family is said to be “quite divided about it”.

Although her mother firmly sided with her, Helena’s uncle told her unequivocally that she was a “hole” in her choice of name, as she was not bothered by the His daughter, her cousin, has Helena as her. middle name.

Helena’s fellow Reddit users were quick to reassure her that she was in no way overreacting about things, with one person writing: “Hey buddy, even if they’re already completely close and in each other’s lives, ‘I Want to Name Your Siblings After You’ is a really weird question. I mean at least they can book for ‘Jessie Helena'”.

Another commented: “Yep, this sounds suspicious like your dad wants a replacement. Same middle name for two kids. Nope.

“Your stepmother is also a hole** so don’t feel bad about not inviting her. Maybe she doesn’t know your middle name but agrees to give your child the last name of another child that your mother-in-law doesn’t know. father had a master.** move hole”.

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