My daughter Paige Rice was killed in a horrible crash traveling at 98mph

A HEARTBROKEN mother paid tribute to her “beautiful” daughter who died – saying she got no justice.

Paige Rice, 22, was in the passenger seat of Callum Miller’s Audi S3 when he crashed into a taxi at nearly 100 km/h on October 17 last year.

Her mother paid her respects "beatiful girls"


Her mother paid homage to her “beautiful daughter”Credit: Instagram
Paige died after the car her boyfriend was driving collided head-on with another car


Paige died after the car her boyfriend was driving collided head-on with another carCredit: Instagram

Callum, 27, died days after the horrific collision in the Queensway tunnel, Liverpool, but Paige died within hours of the collision.

An inquest heard that Paige’s manicurist visited Callum before the accident, and the couple were in the car together.

Her mother, Claire Rice, has said her daughter was “full of life” before the crash, and was furious about the way Callum was driving.

Sergeant Clarey told the hearing the gray Audi was speeding towards the tunnel at 98mph, on the 30mph road, before hitting two vehicles.

The car then collided with the cotton ball at high speed, before losing control and crashing into the head of a blue Mercedes taxi.

Both vehicles were badly damaged by the collision, the taxi had to back up quite a distance.

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The taxi driver was seriously injured in the collision and is also being treated in the trauma department at Aintree Hospital, having “expanded” surgery for injuries to his right leg, hip and wrist.

CCTV footage of the incident shows initial and final collisions, with the Audi moving at “fast” shown from the dashcam footage of the taxi.

Police initially treated the collision as a criminal investigation, believing Mr. Miller may have been investigated for death by dangerous driving.

But due to the condition of those involved, they chose not to continue the investigation.

Officers also discovered that the taxi was traveling at 24.6 km/h and the driver was unwell to issue a statement.

Ms. Rice claimed that her daughter and Callum were not romantically involved at the time of their death, having split a few months earlier.

Her mother believes Paige was planning a night out in Liverpool for her birthday.

She believes that the lack of any criminal trial means there will never be accountability.

Talk to Echoes of Liverpool She said: “I didn’t know before that today the investigation can’t be blamed so the fact that there’s no criminal case means there hasn’t really been any justice.

“Paige once said that this year would be her last year of partying.

“She’s going to Mexico, it’s going to be her big expensive vacation and then next year she wants to start saving and buying a house.

The most important thing is not to let these deaths take away the person you continue to love

Coroner Andre Rebello

“She’s very business-minded; she loves making money and she’s very good at it.

“At the time, she wasn’t just a nail technician, she sold cars and was very good at moving cars.

“She has a dream, also wants to make a Youtube channel. She is beautiful and she is a real person, 100% real.

“She’s a diva, and you can see on her social media how many people love her, how much love her.

“I think we’re all still really shocked, it’s hard to take in.”

Ms Rice said that Paige supported her through her illness and took care of her younger brother, Tyler, 18, who was “really struggling” to come to terms with her death.

Paige’s cause of death was listed as traumatic, while Callum’s cause of death was given as traumatic brain injury.

Coroner Andre Rebello told the court: “None of us are perfect, we all make mistakes and make mistakes every day.

“One thing I learned a long time ago is that each of us has a life. And that one life is enough to take responsibility without judging the lives of others.

“We learn through life that true love overcomes death. Celebrate Paige and Callum’s life to someone you know.”

Mr. Rebello concluded that both Callum and Paige died in road traffic crashes.

Paige's mother was furious about how Callum was driving


Paige’s mother was furious about how Callum was drivingCredit: Instagram
She said her daughter was'full of life'


She said her daughter was ‘full of life’Credit: Instagram

He added: “Today has brought a lot of wounds that have already begun to heal.

“When I die, I don’t want anyone to think about how I died; I want people to remember me for who they know now.

“I don’t think anyone here would want to be remembered for their death. It’s appropriate and gives these young people their dignity in dying if you celebrate the lives that you have. still kept in my heart.

“Death is debilitating, it includes a wide range of emotions, anger, bitterness, revenge, love.

“The most important thing is don’t let these deaths take away the person you continue to love. The only way you can do that is to preserve happy memories.

“Life is never measured by time, quality of life is measured by love.”

Ms Rice added: ‘She’s not an influencer, she’s never been paid for anything on social media, she just has a normal job and lives at home with me. .

“But she’s amazing, she’s beautiful, and people care about her life, they envy her life. When she passed away, I got texts from people I hadn’t yet. once met, said that Paige is very funny, she will always make them laugh.”

“They say she’s very pretty and they always want to see what she’s wearing.

“Fourteen weeks without my daughter Paige, I wish this would stop.

“I just saw a lifetime of suffering and no justice for my Paige. My children are my whole world. My beautiful girl. I miss you Paigey. ”

“She is a beautiful woman inside and out. Her smile will light up the room.”

Dance lover Paige attended Valentine Theater School as a young girl before starting her own makeup artist business when she was 15 years old.

Manchester City ace Jack Grealish donated £5,000 at the time to Cheerleader for Paige’s family, who are from Marston Green, West Midlands.

Grealish expressed her gratitude to the young makeup artist, sharing a photo of herself with the humorous mother with the caption “RIP Paige”.

An inquest ruled that she died in a road traffic accident


An inquest ruled that she died in a road traffic accidentCredit: Instagram My daughter Paige Rice was killed in a horrible crash traveling at 98mph

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