‘My fiancé invited his mother to come with us on our honeymoon without asking me’

One woman was left reeling after her fiancé decided to invite his mother to accompany them on their upcoming honeymoon, turning what should have been the most romantic time of her life. It’s a family vacation

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He asked his mother without consulting her first (Image available)

ONE honeymoon traditionally believed to be a special time for newlywed couple, give them space to move away from the various concerns and responsibilities of their daily lives.

Whether they plan to sunbathe on a golden beach or wander the streets of a historic city, most beloved brides long for plenty of time alone to look their new husbands in the eye, think about their shared future is ahead of them. .

To be fair, the vast majority of them wouldn’t expect to join their mother-in-law as they stroll hand-in-hand under the stars with the one they love, or indulge in a hot tub with a glass of mist.

Unfortunately, a bride-to-be was left devastated after her fiance asked his mother if she wanted to join their honeymoon in a drive back from the shops. .

She did not know that her future mother-in-law would be asked the same (Available photo)


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Taken to Reddit, The 22-year-old explained that she’s getting married in 4 months time and that she and her 33-year-old future husband have planned everything together, including their honeymoon.

She wrote: “First, a few months ago, he said he wanted to change our honeymoon to a family vacation so that his parents and my mother get to know each other better. I agreed so we did some research. where to go and for how long.

Just weeks later, her fiance changed his mind on this front, saying he didn’t want to bring his family with him because his relationship with them was “quite rough”. Once again, she agreed, and they began plotting their honeymoon plans.

However, this is not the last time he has come back to this issue.

Posted by – user username u / Legal_Armadillo2233 – continued: “Everything was going well until a few days ago when I went shopping with my fiancé. On the bus ride home, my boyfriend asked her if she wanted to spend the week with us. honeymoon no. I was. shocked and mad but I kept quiet”.

“After we brought her down, I asked him what to do if my mom didn’t want to come with us (my mom actually said she didn’t), he said it was okay and we could just went with his family. It was really annoying. Me but since we have plans to meet his friends later, I just kept it a secret so as not to spoil the mood.”

Her fiancé is currently making her feel guilty about the situation (Image available)


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After returning home, the woman texted her other half to express her disappointment at the sudden and unexpected change of plans.

She continued: “Then he also got mad because he thought I was making a big deal out of it.

As she explained in the post, she didn’t talk about the plans being changed, she disagreed because he didn’t talk to her about it first. While she believes she has a right to be angry about the way things have turned out, he also makes her feel “guilty for making such a big fuss”.

She then explained in the comments that this isn’t the first time her partner has changed plans without consulting her first, and she alluded to similar situations with the ring and pre-wedding photo session.

Her fellow Reddit users were quick to reassure her that she shouldn’t feel guilty at all, with one commenting: “I get angrier when he keeps changing plans and without consulting you”.

“It’s annoying, and if I’m being honest, it’s a bit sad. He’s forcing you into situations you don’t want to be, taking advantage of your inability to appear in public.”

Another wrote: “This is not a small mistake. A small mistake is ‘he went to the bathroom and left the door open’, not ‘he made a lot of decisions alone or changed his mind. the decision we came up with together without asking me”. That’s a huge flaw and would be a serious problem for most people.”

“Someone who makes all the decisions that don’t involve you is not a nice man, and is thinking about themselves and not about you and your needs and wants.”

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