“My fiancé’s friend told him to take a paternity test – he’s barred from our wedding”

A mother-to-be was furious after her fiancé’s “brutally honest” best friend advised him to take a paternity test and now doesn’t even want him to attend the wedding

Couple holding an ultrasound (photo)
She has long had reservations about his “brutally honest” best friend (photo)

A mother-to-be has long had her reservations about her fiancé’s “brutally honest” best friend, who had previously made “sneaky” personal comments about her sex worker past.

However, her fiancé assured her he would be made to behave himself on the big day and wanted his beloved pal to be with him despite his “flawed personality”.

The newlyweds recently found out they are expecting a baby, so they went to their parents’ house to share the exciting announcement.

When they arrived, her husband-to-be’s boyfriend – whose name is Jason – was already there and didn’t react very enthusiastically to the good news.

While everyone else at the dining table rushed to hug the couple, Jason sat still and stared “oddly” at the mom-to-be.

She was “completely floored” by Jason’s response (photo)


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The unnamed woman told Reddit, recalling, “I was avoiding him but then he got up, hugged my fiancé, looked at him and said ‘three words man… paternity test right now’.

“I was completely devastated. Everyone was shocked but tried to act normal probably to defuse the situation but I went to Jason and asked him to repeat what he had said.

“He tried to pull away because my face was inches from his. He was like ‘chill, it was just a joke’ but I kept asking him to repeat what he said. My fiancé came up and told me to sit down and calm down.”

The woman – who goes by the username u/Throwra90678 – snapped at Jason and told him that he wasn’t invited to the wedding. He responded by calling her a “drama llama.”

While her fiancé and mother-in-law understand why she’s upset, they feel it’s a step too far to pull back his invitation, arguing that Jason was “just kidding.”

She’s now wondering if she was “too emotional” and has reached out to her fellow Reddit members for advice.

One person wrote: “A couple of things. First, Jason didn’t ‘tell it like it is’. He was fucking offensive. You had every right to confront him, and to do so harshly. to accuse you of cheating? no Unacceptable.

“Besides, if Jason really had reason to believe you were unfaithful, he can address it privately, in a conversation with your fiancé. Not in front of the extended family.”

Another said: “Can we also stop and appreciate the level of audacity and lack of self-confidence that emanates from someone who publicly and loudly tells a man to take a paternity test in front of his pregnant fiancée and call she a ‘drama llama’? It’s really quite impressive.”

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