“My girlfriend thinks I made her name our baby after my dead cat”

A man who gave birth to his first child last month claims he was the one who suggested her name. However, unbeknownst to his girlfriend, this was the name of his beloved childhood cat

Man kisses cat (photo archive)
The cat died long before the couple met (photo)

After a pregnancy that surprised both of them, a 29-year-old man and his girlfriend welcomed their new baby daughter into the world and, at the man’s suggestion, named her Clementine.

The new dad claims he’s always loved the name, and unbeknownst to his girlfriend, it happened to be the exact same nickname he gave his pet cat when he was six.

The cat died a few years ago, long before he met his current girlfriend, so apparently he didn’t think sharing a name with his old cat friend was too big a deal for his little girl.

However, the anonymous man says he was in for a stern innuendo after his mother dug up some old childhood photos to illustrate just how much he resembled little Clementine.

The friend was smitten with the “pretty cat” she spotted in some photos and asked what the family called her. But she didn’t particularly like the answer.

The girlfriend only found out about the other Clementine after his mother dug up some old photos (photo)


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The contradictory cat lover wrote on Reddit: “She remarked what a pretty cat it was and asked what his name was. I said it was funny because her name was also Clementine.

“She was immediately upset and asked me what the hell was wrong with me. I was surprised by this and she started asking me how I got her to name our daughter after a dead cat.

“We argued until she told me to take her home. We didn’t speak to each other the whole drive home. When we got home she went into our room with the baby and hasn’t come out since.”

The poster – which goes by the username u/ihgfgvf – went on to clarify that he named his daughter Clementine because he likes the name, not because he intentionally wanted to name her after a long-dead cat.

Despite this clarification, many Reddit users feel he really should have let his girlfriend know the meaning of the name before they settled on Clementine.

One person wrote: “A lot of people don’t like naming their kids after a dead pet and considering how long you’ve had the cat I wouldn’t believe you just forgot the connection.

“You should have told her you had a cat by that name and then given all the information and let her decide how she felt about it.”

Another said: “Instead of being honest about the name and the feelings behind it from the start, you intentionally hid the fact that you had a cat by that name.

“You wouldn’t have felt the need to go into hiding unless you knew it was going to be a problem, so I would argue that leaving that information out until your daughter has already been born and named is very manipulative. “

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