“My husband demanded that I pack his suitcase as it is my duty as a housewife.”

A woman has caused a stir online after she shared an argument with her husband after he demanded she pack his bag for him to leave because it’s part of her job as “SAHM”.

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It caused a big fight (stock photo)

Life changes drastically after the birth of children – especially for the parents who stay at home to take care of the children.

This role may seem easy to some, but it is a full-time job and there is always something to do.

Some partners obviously don’t respect the work that can go into staying at home Parent, as one woman recently demonstrated.

The unnamed woman shared a post online claiming she had a fight with her husband after he told her to pack his bag so he could leave.

she says she Husband considered this task her “duty” as part of her daily “chores” because she is a housewife.

He told her to pack his bag as it was her “duty” (stock photo)


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The post understandably caused a stir Reddits Am I the A**hole forum, Many are appalled by the man’s behavior.

The US woman wrote: “My husband works full time while I am a stay at home mom with three children. Vacuuming to go shopping and so on, it’s my duty as a substitute for working hours.

“We agreed with these arrangements, but days ago his mother invited him to his sister’s wedding. She didn’t invite me because the wedding is said to be ‘kid free’ but I suspected it was because of an argument we ended four months ago about which school my eldest should go to.

“The night before his flight, he asked me to pack his things and threw me a list of what he needed. I handed them back and said I won’t. He was confused and asked why, I told him I was tired and went upstairs to sleep in the bedroom. Moments later, he burst in and called me petty for basically refusing to help him pack because I didn’t want to.”

She goes on to tell how her husband told her to pack her bags because she “always does it.”

“I said yes but why should I do it this time, he said because of the four letters ‘SAHM’ and it’s essentially part of my homework. I told him I won’t and went back to sleep. He threw a 3 minute fit then went out and came back and turned on the light at 3am to keep me from sleeping.

“I told him that was pathetic and he said he wasn’t as short as me and ignored when I told him to repeatedly turn off the light.

“He went to the wedding, now he’s back and looks excited most of the time and keeps complaining about the attitude I’ve taken. AITA because you didn’t prepare the bags?”

More than 1,800 people replied to the woman’s post, with many agreeing she wasn’t wrong.

One person said: “Your husband has been treating you like c**p for a long time. A SAHM with three children should not do 100% of the housework. And packing your husband’s clothes is NOT chores, it’s just take care of yourself. He’s essentially claiming that he’s one of the kids and you’re his mom too.

“Besides, he doesn’t invite you because the wedding is childless? you are not a child He doesn’t stand up for you with his family and treats you like a maid.

Another thought: “What’s with all these posts about guys expecting their SO to pack their bags?! This falls far outside the scope of a term paper. But if you really wanted to show him what petty is, you could have packed a bunch of mismatched items for him and he could enjoy wearing a bathing suit and shirt to the wedding.”

Another added: “Stay home mom without housework, is basically still an 80-hour job if you’re lucky. There’s no regular day off, it’s not Monday through Friday, it’s 7 days a week, and waking up in the middle of the night to do kid stuff doesn’t cut hours of work out of the day. It’s 16 hour days with on call duties for the remaining 8. Again if you’re lucky.”

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https://www.mirror.co.uk/lifestyle/sex-relationships/relationships/my-husband-demanded-pack-suitcase-26785282 "My husband demanded that I pack his suitcase as it is my duty as a housewife."

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