‘My husband expects me to make him lunch every day and I’m sick of it – I work too’

A mother turned to the Internet for some much-needed advice after becoming fed up with having to cook lunch for her husband every day, while both were working from home.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, the woman has been preparing lunch for both herself and her husband
Since the beginning of the pandemic, a mother has been cooking lunch for both herself and her husband

Everyone who lives with their partner knows that housework and cooking can be the most divisive topics – especially now that more people are working from home.

But a mother became so fed up with her husband that she was arrested Mumsnet for advice.

The unnamed woman explained that she partner works full-time from home most days while she works part-time and is responsible for most of the housework and parenting.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, women have been whispering to each other Lunch for both her and her husband – and now he expects food to be served every lunchtime.

She consulted fellow parents on how to tell him to make his own food, and the answer was unanimous.

The mother wants her husband to make his own lunch


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Posting on a popular forum, this woman said: “In this new age, I suppose I am not the only woman today who shares a house seven days a week with her other half?

“He works full time and does this from home now most days. I also work from home but do about 10 hours part time, so why do I do 90% of the housework and parenting? female.

“Up until now, I always cook lunch for both of us but I’m starting to get a little bored with having to think of something to do and do it every day. Most days are fine but on busy days I’m busy then I’d rather just have a piece of toast and crack on it.

“How do I get him to no longer expect to be served lunch every day or better still make me lunch every now and then?! If I let him sit on his own devices, he doesn’t. will have toast 5 days a week – he just doesn’t seem to have an Idea what else to eat!”

Many commentators said that the mother just let him eat beans and toast every day.

One woman said: “Let him eat bean toast. Don’t let him feel guilty about traveling with you. He will have to arrange his own lunch at work so he arranges it too. it’s at home. You’re the SAHM/PT employee, not his. The housekeeper.”

Another said: “Give him what you’ve got. If it’s a piece of toast so be it. If he complains, smile sweetly and direct him to the kitchen.”

But another parent shared that they were in a similar situation.

They wrote: “Ooh OP, I feel so good for you. I don’t know the answer, other than maybe slowly lowering your standards or sometimes I make it look like DH is doing me a favor. doing a great favor by ‘sorting himself’ or cooking for us.. eat lunch and then he would fall down to help – men break me.

“I appreciate him working like a Trojan to give us a good life so I don’t mind but sometimes I just like an apple and a pack of crisps for lunch.”

What do you think? Do you make your partner lunch every day? Let us know in the comments below!

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