“My husband gave us a child to adopt – I didn’t know it was his son”

A mother-of-five was in shock after taking a DNA test on her adopted seven-year-old son and learning he was in fact her husband’s biological child

Parents with toddler (photo)
A woman was shocked when she performed a DNA test on her adopted child (photo).

One woman was surprised at how much her adopted son resembled her four biological children, so much so that people often noticed the resemblance.

Little did she know that the now seven-year-old boy was actually her husband’s biological child, conceived during an extramarital affair.

The 41-year-old mother of five children had always wanted a large family. After having three daughters and a son, a health issue meant she couldn’t biologically have others, unfortunately.

She and her husband Dave were discussing adopting a fifth child at the time. Since he was stationed abroad for a short time and didn’t want to uproot their children or disrupt their business, they decided to postpone the discussion until his return.

However, while abroad, 48-year-old Dave suggested looking into international adoption. Although she hadn’t thought about it before, she came up with the idea.

Dave suggested looking into intercountry adoption and did most of the paperwork (photo).


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Dave took care of most of the adoption paperwork and soon the couple welcomed a new addition to the family, a little boy named Kalen.

Taking to Reddit, the unnamed mother wrote: “I am smitten with this child. As he grew – he is now seven – family members and friends noticed that he looked so much like the other children that they couldn’t tell he was adopted.

“I even joked about it and my husband would always laugh at it.”

However, when she was moving important documents to a new safe, something about the adoption papers suddenly struck her as odd, so she sent herself for a DNA test. The results revealed that Dave is in fact Kalen’s biological father.

The poster – who goes by the username u/Simple-Education-520 – continued: “I love this child with everything in me. Knowing that my husband cheated on Kalen and then passed it off as a random child we adopted makes me sick.

“Dave asked for forgiveness and said the woman didn’t want the child but he did and used the adoption to claim his son.

“I will stay in Kalen’s life because I’m his mother, but I can’t bear to look at Dave because I know he cheated and lied to me. I filed for divorce.”

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As for the future, the mother faces a difficult path and is not sure how to tell her children. Her family is also divided on the matter, with some calling her “selfish” for not trying to work things through to keep her family together.

Her Reddit peers were quick to reassure her that since her husband broke her trust in such a serious way, she’s not at all selfish, and many believe it’s beyond the capabilities of couples counseling.

One person advised: “This was no ordinary lie, this was something like Mount Everest of deception. There’s no way half an acre of hell that this was the only time. It may be the worst, but it’s certainly not the first.

“I am deeply shocked when I think about what the others are. And let me be clear: there are absolutely others. Go to the gynecologist, find a lawyer, find a forensic accountant. Leave no stone unturned, especially financial and personal health. Find her”.

Another wrote: “Your husband broke his marriage vows in a number of ways and then did his best to deny you any agency when it came to his decisions. The lack of respect is unforgivable.

“There’s no going back from that and anyone else who complains is someone who doesn’t have your best interests at heart.”

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