“My husband lied about being fired – I changed the wifi password to punish him”

A woman was initially sympathetic when her husband lost his job at a supermarket, but soon found out he had quit of his own accord and she let them both support

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Turns out he quit of his own accord, expecting her to support him through college (photo).

After her husband lost his job at a supermarket, a woman claims she struggled to support them both as her salary covered all household expenses, including Wi-Fi.

Money was tight, but as far as she knew, his employment problems were beyond his control. Little did she know that he would actually quit on his own.

Her 30-year-old husband first told her he lost his job, which he didn’t enjoy much, after “his narcissistic boss” fired him. He promised to look for a new job and left her to be the sole breadwinner in the meantime.

She soon noticed that he was spending a lot of time on his phone and assumed he was just browsing job boards. However, as three months passed and passed without joy, she grew suspicious.

Three months went by with no job leads, and she soon realized something was wrong (photo)


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Turning to Reddit users for advice, the frustrated woman recalled how his “endless activities on the internet” had cost her a fortune, but said nothing until she met his old boss.

She wrote: “We were talking about my husband and I mentioned how he fired him but he looked at me confused and told me he didn’t fire him.

“My husband resigned voluntarily after a long rant about how he was fed up with working in retail and that he will never work in this field again.”

“Shocked and angry,” the unnamed 32-year-old woman went straight home to confront her lying spouse, who didn’t deny his former manager’s version of events.

She has now changed the WLAN password and does not want to tell him what it is (photo).


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The sated woman who writes under the username u/Sandy20994, said: “He admitted it’s true and asked me to understand because he was tired of working as a server for rude, obnoxious people who don’t respect him like they should.

“I asked what he would do then and he said he had thought about going back to school to get a respectable degree and a ‘decent’ job.

“I asked where he was getting the money to go back to school and he shrugged and said I could set up a ‘fund’ for him with my salary because, as he said, he was no longer in the retail will work.”

At that point, she’s finally “lost,” telling her husband that she doesn’t have any money to save for anything when she’s currently struggling to make ends meet.

The woman also shared with him how much of her money went towards the WiFi service and that she would change the password to prevent him from using it until he was able to log in.

He reacted furiously, calling her “selfish and unsupportive” and accusing her of “robbing him of his rights to use the internet”. However, she stood firm on the issue, telling him “the Internet is a privilege, not a right.”

She’s now wondering if she went about things the right way or if she was a little too hard on him.

One person wrote: “Whatever he’s done in the last 3 months isn’t job hunting (unless he’s looking for jobs he’s underqualified for as he despises retail), especially if he uses enough internet to to become a financial burden.

“He lied about his last job with his boss and how he left it and only admitted the lie when you confronted him with the truth.

“This is the time to re-evaluate the relationship if you know what you are doing now and whether or not you think it is worth taking a chance on your husband.”

Another advised: “He went about this the wrong way. He should have kept the job and talked to you about wanting to go to school. Then together you would find a way to make it happen.

“[…]. Maybe part-time instead of full-time so he can work and afford to pay for it. So many options other than what he chose. He didn’t even tell you he wanted to go to college, he was just hoping to suck you dry until God knows when.”

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