“My husband says he’s moving to Australia – with or without me and our one-year-old”

A husband has threatened to move to Australia with or without his wife and child after claiming it is something he “must do” regardless of the couple’s 10-year relationship

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He said he’ll go without her (stock photo)

Ultimatums and confessions can send shockwaves through relationships, whether they’re dealing with affairs, challenging a partner’s behavior, or dealing with life-changing decisions.

Partnerships are often about compromise, and adults are often encouraged to have mature and understanding discussions with each other to ensure both sides are happy and to prevent problems from escalating.

Unfortunately for a woman, her husband has thrown out all the reasons and warned her that he will be moving to Australia whether the rest of his family goes along with it or not.

The heartbroken woman took to Mumsnet seeking advice from other members after her husband informed her of his decision.

He claims he loves the Australian lifestyle (stock photo)


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In a post titled ‘HUMAN SAYS HE’S MOVING TO AUSTRALIA – HELP’, the mother-of-one said: ‘My husband says he’s going to move to Australia in 5 years and he’s going whether it’s me or our son (1 – year old) goes with him.”

Feeling confused and lost, she continued, “We’ve been together for more than 10 years. He doesn’t care about his family or mine. He loves our little unit (although that sounds ridiculous, but it’s true).

“His main reason for wanting to live there is the lifestyle.

“He’s serious that he’s going to go without us because ‘it’s something he has to do.'”

It seems the poster is at a loss as to what to do as she admits he told her he wanted to do that a year ago but hasn’t changed his mind.

She adds: “I love where I live and am very close to both of our families. I didn’t stop him from moving to Oz, but he knows I’d rather not. I think my reluctance is made even greater by the fact that he says he’s going anyway.”

Over 100 people have already responded to the post, and many are dissatisfied with the husband for his decision.

One simply wrote: “He doesn’t love you and your son at all if he left you to live on the other side of the world for no particular reason. If I were you, I would divorce him now.”

Another said: “To be honest if I were you I would tell him to go now (if you really don’t want to go) as for your child at the age he is now, is so much easier. A 6-year-old, on the other hand, will not understand being abandoned for a so-called lifestyle in another country!”

After questions from forum members, the woman explained that the reason he said he would be moving in five years was because he wanted to “build his career.”

She added that she “thinks about it every day” and said he told her he loved her but had a “deep desire” to live there and thought he’d be “miserable” if he stays

A user who replied to the woman said: “What a pathetic apology for a father and husband. What is he up to? Telling your 6-year-old that beaches and sunshine are more important than his wife, extended family and ultimately his own child? Or does he just get on a plane and one day disappear?

“Sounds like 5 years of trying to blackmail you and force you to leave to be honest. Don’t go unless you are adamant that you want to.”

“He told you where you are in his priorities – you and your son are ‘possibilities’, not ‘must haves’. Bluntly – you are available for him. Now cut your losses,” said another.

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