“My husband says I have to hide upstairs when I’m breastfeeding – I’m angry”

When you’ve had a baby, you want support and kindness, which this woman’s husband didn’t give her when he revealed his seriously unusual “rule.”

The woman was told about the
The woman was told about the “breastfeeding rule” and was not happy about it

The acceptance of breastfeeding has progressed to the point where people are acknowledging that it is a completely normal thing.

Long gone are the days when you had to go to the toilet to breastfeed because other people were uncomfortable.

That’s why this one woman took to Reddit to express her horror at her husband’s “rule” about breastfeeding in his family, as she was appalled by what he was saying.

She wrote: “So I’m (23F) pregnant and approaching my due date. My husband (24 million) and I are now going through labor and recovery.

Breastfeeding is perfectly normal – but this woman’s husband wanted her to do it away from his family

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“His family (mother, father and brother) are coming to visit on their way to vacation. He knows I want to try to breastfeed and he said his only ‘rule’ is not to have a boyfriend in front of his family.

“He says he doesn’t want me to make his father and brother uncomfortable and that I should go upstairs every 1-3 hours to feed our baby.

“He said he would go up with us so he could bond too. My problem is that I’m going to recover and I’m supposed to rest, so climbing stairs often seems like a problem to me.

“I’ve told him it’s about my recovery and bonding with the baby and his family can just leave the room or just NOT WATCH if they’re uncomfortable.

“I said I would wear a blanket SOMETIMES but I need to be able to see because I’m still learning. He insisted, so I dropped the subject.

“I need to bring it up again beforehand so we’re both on the same page, but I don’t think he’s moved. Would I be wrong if I told him to fuck off?”

People jumped to her defense, saying she has her right to be able to breastfeed her own baby in the comfort of her own home.

One wrote: “You shouldn’t have to hide in your own house every 1-3 hours. If they are uncomfortable, they can hide.”

“What I want to know is where the heck does the husband get away with telling his wife he has a RULE for her breastfeeding,” raged one.

Another woman pointed out that breastfeeding can be a tedious process, writing: “Not to mention breastfeeding can take quite a while. There’s a good chance she’ll have to hide upstairs for an hour every three hours.”

“Absolutely that. I get close to my date too and if someone can’t handle seeing a little bit of boobs they can move away from me,” another hilariously commented.

One raged: “You FEED your CHILD in YOUR HOME.

“It’s not like you throw tassels at the girls and whip them around in front of the family. They are feeding a child. If they are uncomfortable, they can walk out, or look away, or simply NOT come.

“The way my first delivery went… there was no way I could have walked up and down the stairs every time I had to feed. This is such a caveman thought process, I can’t even believe it.

“Feed your baby wherever you want/need to feed your baby. Point.”

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