“My husband took all our baby shower gifts and sold them behind my back”

A mother-to-be has claimed her husband secretly sold all the gifts they got at their baby shower to pay for a trip he was planning to take with his friends

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Before a baby is born, some of your nearest and dearest may get together to throw you a shower and bring gifts that you will need when your little one arrives.

These gifts can range from clothes to bottles to a crib for the new bundle of joy to sleep in, and some are bound to be quite expensive.

So it’s fair to say that one mom-to-be was less than impressed to discover all her baby shower gifts were gone — and her husband had sold them.

In a post on Reddit, the woman claimed her husband of three years sold the baby items to raise money for a trip he was planning to take with friends.

He sold all her baby shower gifts (stock photo)


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To write in Am I the A**hole forum, The unnamed mother-to-be said: “I’ve been together (27) with my husband (32) for three years and we’re expecting our first baby together.

“In short, my family and friends decided to throw me a baby shower and brought me a variety of gifts, mostly consisting of baby care essentials. I kept everything in the storage area but woke up the next day and they were all gone.

“I freaked out and called my husband, he didn’t answer so I waited for him to come back. He came back with money in his hands, I told him my baby shower gifts were gone and he said he took them and sold all of them – the baskets, books, pyjamas, diaper boxes, pacifiers, stuff worth from 50-100 dollars.

“I asked him why and he said because he wanted to help his friend fix his van so they could take a trip next week to the kid’s room full of essentials then said he didn’t have a choice because his friends were threatening to take him.” excluded from the trip if he doesn’t help fix the van.”

She goes on to say they had a huge argument and she ended up telling all her friends and family what he had done, which resulted in him receiving many calls and texts “shaming” him.

“He yelled at me and said I screwed up and acted immature by exposing him to everyone and sending them after him,” the woman continued.

“He said it’s his baby too and he’s entitled to half of those gifts. He thinks I told them a sobbing story and ruined his reputation.

“I was so angry and I probably did the wrong thing. AITA.”

More than 2,000 people have since responded to the post, and many agreed she hadn’t done the wrong thing – and urged her to consider a divorce.

One person said, “NTA, and find a good divorce lawyer.”

Another wrote: “A husband who steals from his soon-to-be-mother wife only gets worse.”

A third added: “Five times a day I read a post and think can this really be true? Are people really that heartless and selfish? This is one of them.

“I must be really lucky that I don’t know anyone who would behave like that. If I did I hope to hell his partner blew it up on me and everyone else lol. He deserved it. Maybe (1% chance, but worth it) he would learn something about being human. NTA obv and… good grief.”

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