“My in-laws are angry about the meal I cooked for them – they think it’s inappropriate”

An exhausted new mum has shared her frustration after her in-laws complained about the meal she cooked for them, believing it was an “inappropriate” meal for the hospitality

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The meal was branded ‘inappropriate’ (stock image)

After giving birth four weeks ago, a tired new mom was not in the mood to invite guests over for dinner, but agreed to invite her in-laws over so they could get to know the baby.

She asked her husband if they could just get takeout instead, but he would have none of it, insisting she could cook anything for them as long as it was homemade.

The exhausted mom tries to think of an easy way, claiming she made a macaroni and cheese dish because she thought it would be okay. However, when she served this to her in-laws, she couldn’t believe their “horrified” reaction.

After asking her mother-in-law what was going on, she replied that she didn’t find the food “appropriate,” noting that she had no “experience with what’s right and wrong when it comes to hosting.”

Exhausted new mom couldn’t bear to prepare a more complicated dish (photo)


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On Reddit, the stunned daughter-in-law wrote: “I said ‘excuse me? Who said I signed up for an expected visit from you?’ and she took it like I didn’t want her there.

“Her husband said they were just there to finally see the baby I kept her from for a whole month. That’s a whole month of his life that they ‘missed’.

“We had a fight and they decided to go home. My husband said that the decision to serve his family mac and cheese was more insulting than not serving them anything at all.

“I told him I was too exhausted to cook their ‘traditional feasts’ which I had to learn from his mother. He was offended and said I was being mean and disrespectful not only to his family but to his culture as well.”

The poster – who goes by the username u/dinner101____ – continued: “I went to the bedroom to stay with my son. My husband spent an hour on the phone with his family, then kept giving me the cold shoulder and refusing to eat what I was cooking to support his family.

“I understand how some guests find it offensive, especially his family. But I was just trying to make a quick home cooked meal like my husband wanted. What’s wrong with macaroni and cheese?”

Other Reddit users have assured the poster that their in-laws’ behavior was not at all hip, with macaroni and cheese making a perfectly appropriate dinner.

One person wrote: “This isn’t a culture clash – these people are just assholes. I am not aware of any Asian culture that does not practice some form of confinement where it is expected. All the new mother does is rest and bond with the baby.

“If they were that ‘traditional,’ they should have shown up with food, offered to clean the house and done a load of laundry in the process.”

Another said: “I’m Asian and if anything my relatives would come over and bring me food. No one would expect a weary new mom to cook up a whole feast.”

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