“My kettle hack saves me £25 a year in energy – and it’s so easy anyone can do it.”

Energy bills are rising, with Ofgem’s price cap up £693 from £1,277 to £1,971 from April 1. If you’re worried about your gas and electricity, Manchester Evening News reporter Beth Shufflebotham explains a nifty kettle trick

We are all concerned about our energy bills
We are all concerned about our energy bills

The average recommended daily dose of tea is three to four cups.

But as a northern Brit whose answer to everything is “kettle on” I’ve usually had two cups down before even starting work for the day.

Yorkshire tea, milk and a teaspoon of honey, I’ll take mine, but with me Energy bills are risingI thought I might have to consider sacrificing a cup of coffee or two to cut costs.

However, there is only half as much energy as you water heater used, which could save me 84p a day – or £25 a month as I first reported Manchester evening news.

Let’s say I drink eight cups of tea a day. I know it sounds like a lot, but I work from home, and a walk to the kettle provides a much-needed screen break from my eight-hour shifts.

It costs an average of 21p to boil a kettle, which would cost £1.68 a day if I’m making eight cups.

How the energy bill crisis is affecting you

This assumes that a full 2 ​​liter kettle rated at 3 kW takes 4.5 minutes to boil.

Of course, this number differs depending on the water capacity of the kettle, power rating, efficiency, and the cost of electricity in your area. But I will use averages for the purpose of this article.

So the question is, how can I halve the energy consumption of my kettle? Make twice as much tea.

Are you afraid to pay your energy bills? Let us know:

Instead of making one cup of tea, I make two at a time. Then I take a coaster and place it on top of the second brew to trap the heat.

I know you’re all thinking, “just make a bottle,” but we all know tea never tastes as good out of a bottle and leaves that metallic aftertaste — not like when it’s poured into a trusty Emma Bridgewater mug is served.

That way, when my first cup of tea is ready and dusted, the second is still hot and ready to be consumed.

It’s important to remember that it’s more expensive to boil a full kettle than a half-full kettle because you’re using more energy to boil more water.

But as long as you don’t overfill the kettle and use the right amount of water, it’s more efficient and cheaper.

Based on a saving of £25 a month just by making this one switch, that could save you £300 in energy use in a year.

Of course, drinking less tea would also work, but other ways to cut costs include descaling the kettle — as scale can block the heating elements, which uses more energy — and only boiling the amount of water you need.

Also, if you live in a multi-person household, offer to make a cup for them when you make your own so they don’t have to boil the kettle 20 minutes after you make your own.

In fact, energy experts agree that the best way to save money when using your kettle is to only fill it with what you need.

A money-saving tip on the Uswitch website states: “Don’t overfill the kettle – only use as much water as you need when making tea or coffee.”

Many homes also have a smart meter that allows you to monitor your energy use and see how much energy you use each day.

This can make decisions about how high you should turn your heating up and show you which household appliances use the most energy.

In addition, smart meters automatically send accurate meter readings to your supplier, ensuring you only pay for the energy you use instead of receiving an estimated bill.

And with that, I set off to put the kettle on.

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