‘My kid has strawberry stains – scammers think it’s abuse and say I should be caught’

A mother whose child has a hemangioma on her face has spoken out about the nasty trolling she received online as strangers shared negative comments and some even accused her of abuse.

Lucy and Tom with baby Lola
Lucy and Tom with baby Lola

In September last year, Lucy Tapley, 29, and her fiancé Tom welcomed their first child – a Baby the girl they named Lola.

The good girl was born with faint marks on her cheeks, which were initially attributed to labor, but when the baby was a few days old, more distinguishable marks began to appear on her face and body. kid, little girl.

Now six months old, it is confirmed that Lola has a hemangioma, commonly known as ‘strawberry stain’.

These marks run under the chin and neck and swell like a noncancerous lump around the ear.

She parents, people living in Wakefield, West Yorkshire, have documented their journey as a family online and have found many parents with children with the same condition.

However, they were also shocked when there were so many negative comments posted online, some even accused them of causing injuries by hurting their daughter.

Lucy has received terrible abuse from online trolls


@thelifeoflola ___ / CATERS NEWS)

Lola has been diagnosed with hemangioma, also known as ‘strawberry stain’


@thelifeoflola ___ / CATERS NEWS)

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Lucy, a part-time elementary school teacher and beautician, recalls: “Strangers sent horrible comments and I was devastated by the negativity we received.

“What kind of person troll baby?.

“People will ask ‘what’s on her face?” but others would say ‘what the hell happened to her? The poor child must have been beaten or abused.

“Because of the red marks, people mistakenly thought she was bleeding from her mouth.”

“People said it was blood on her face, that I should be arrested because she was clearly beaten.

“A terrible woman posted saying Lola was ugly and people just said she was beautiful because they felt sorry for me.”

Trolls often mistake signs for blood


@thelifeoflola ___ / CATERS NEWS)

After the abuse, Lucy considered closing the page she had created, but ultimately realized it had inspired others – and she didn’t want her daughter to look back and think she hid it. his photos.

She explains: “I realize it’s very common, but many parents are too nervous to share photos of themselves, which makes them very uncomfortable.

“Parents have been honest with me about how they’ve dealt with it, only posting photos at certain angles or not sharing precious photos of their babies, and I don’t want that.

“Lola’s tracks are a part of her and I don’t want to look back years later and see that I purposely concealed them.”

She continued: “I almost shut down the page due to being trolled but then I found that I was encouraging others to set up their own and for each unnecessary comment I sent the parent a thank you message for being so open about my experience so far.

“There are some great people and positive comments and overall it has really helped me and other parents and I’m proud of that.

“It annoys me when people stare and I’ve heard a lot of ‘poor baby’ comments, but it’s something we have to get used to.”

Talking about her daughter’s condition, the mother shared more information on what she has learned so far, saying: “We were absolutely horrified when parts of her face turned extreme. red period when only a few weeks old.

“The spots were getting bigger and darker, growing from pink to crimson. At 6 weeks old, he had a very large lump.

“Doctors were concerned about the size because it had swollen inside her ear so we were hospitalized for eight days.

“Doctors believe [the haemangiomas] will grow for up to a year and then taper off and the color will disappear spontaneously.

“She’ll be on medication until she’s two years old to try to shrink them. The treatment so far has healed the tumor on her lip but not in her ear.

Lucy added: “Doctors say she may need plastic surgery as she gets older and laser therapy is also an option but we’ll see what happens when some people go away on their own.

“Lola can decide if she wants cosmetic treatment later on. Tom and I are happy because now we know it doesn’t hurt her.

“She is feeding again and now she can roll over, which hasn’t stopped her from growing well.

“I am proud to raise awareness and I will never be ashamed to share pictures of my beautiful and flawless little daughter.”

Follow Lucy and Lola @thelifeoflola___ on Instagram.

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