“My mother-in-law stole my pregnancy test to keep as a reminder – it’s so scary”

A mother-to-be has been “snuck out” and “disgusted” after her mother-in-law stole her used pregnancy test to keep as a keepsake for her grandchild

A woman holding a pregnancy test
The woman’s mother-in-law took her pregnancy test (stock image)

As a parent, it’s not uncommon to keep memorabilia and keepsakes from your child’s early years, such as: B. the milk teeth they lose as they get older, or a lock of hair from the first circumcision.

Some parents will even choose to keep the used pregnancy test they took to tell them they are pregnant as this is often the first sign many couples have marking the beginning of their life as a family .

But one mum-to-be couldn’t keep her positive pregnancy test – because her husband fished it out of the bathroom bucket and gave it to his own mum.

The pregnant woman took to Reddit to explain the situation, as she said her mother-in-law was desperate for a souvenir of her future grandchild and wanted to keep the pregnancy test, even though it made the woman “snoop out.”

Woman feels ‘disgusted’ by ordeal (stock image)


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in the her postShe said: “I just found out I’m pregnant and my husband and his family are beyond happy and excited. My husband was married twice before me but could not have children for 10 years. This is obviously a big deal for his family as his mom is going to be a first time grandma with this baby.

“They hosted a celebratory dinner for us and as his mother and I talked about the baby, she told me how she was already starting to create memories by having keepsakes of her grandchild. I was a bit confused and asked if my husband bought something for the baby and gave it to her.

“She said no, but he brought her my used pregnancy test and gave it to her to keep as a ‘reminder’ of the news of her grandchild’s existence. I was floored. I looked at my husband like ‘did you really do that? ?’ and he nodded smiling.

“I’m not going to lie, I felt terrified, disgusted and very uncomfortable.”

The mother-to-be then told her husband that she felt “hurt” at giving away the used pregnancy test because the test contained her urine.

She was then accused of “overreacting” to the situation and was told that she “spoiled the joy” of her husband’s family at the pregnancy announcement.

She added: “After the initial shock, I just lashed out at both of them and called what they were doing creepy and disgusting and highly hurtful. My husband argued that it was no big deal, he just grabbed the test after I got rid of it. put it in a plastic bag and “gifted” it to his mother as a “souvenir”.

“I told him I felt raped and scared because that test literally had my pee on it. His mother then said something about me taking care of the smell and I lashed out even more demanding they get rid of it but they kept arguing and calling me controlling.

“My brother-in-law asked me to calm down, but I decided to just pack up and go home.

“My husband started arguing that it was all just an overreaction and said I ruined his and his family’s joy when I behaved after I found out about the pregnancy test. He said he and his mom are all about the baby, but I sort of made this whole thing about me and hurt her feelings in the process.”

Commenters on the Reddit post were equally stunned by the mother-in-law’s decision to take the used pregnancy test, with many saying the woman’s husband completely ignored her feelings.

One person wrote: “Doing this without your consent is bizarre, to double down and blame you for getting upset is worrying. Decent people would get rid of it and apologize for making you feel this way, not try to make you feel worse.”

While another said: “These results of this test will fade over time so not even worth keeping. That’s weird and kinda gross that your husband saved the test and even weirder he gave it to his mom.”

And a third added: “It’s one thing for your husband to keep it without telling you. But secretly giving it to his mother? I agree it’s creepy and hurtful and I don’t think you overreacted at all.”

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