“My mother-in-law wants to name her baby after a book – it’s presumptuous”

One woman has said her mother-in-law wants to name her baby after a character from a book, but she thinks it’s a bad idea – and now the two have clashed over it

Two women are talking and arguing.
The two women got into a fight over the baby’s name

It’s a rare opportunity for people to visit Reddit’s Am I The A**hole forum and learn that they are actually wrong.

The woman took to the forum to rant about finding her mother-in-law’s baby name ridiculous, but it backfired massively when faced with a barrage of confused comments.

The original poster and the mother-in-law had clashed over a baby’s name, with the original poster calling it “ridiculous and pretentious.”

But shortly after sharing her story online, she received a flood of comments from people saying they didn’t see a problem with it.

The original poster didn’t understand why her mother-in-law wanted to name her child that


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She wrote: “My boyfriend’s mother is just not a nice person. Classy, ​​snobby, cold, egocentric, I could go on and on. From the beginning of our relationship, she treated me like an inconvenience.

“She’s a professional writer and I’ve read some of her work (honestly as a character study) and if her work is a reflection of her worldview then I’ll just say wow.

“She really enjoys entertaining people and she thinks she’s hilarious. People love them or hate them. I do not like her.

“Anyway, she’s pregnant (had my boyfriend young) and we had a family dinner the other night. That’s pretty rare these days because he puts my needs first.

“Someone asked her if she knew what she was going to name the baby and she said Scarlett. I didn’t think anything of it, it’s quite a popular name.

“She then said after Scarlett O’Hara because that was her favorite book and the first character she liked as a kid and what made her want to be a writer.

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“I just think that says so much about her as a person and to be clear, this isn’t someone who’s read the book once, didn’t really get it or whatever. She has a PhD in literature. She is very educated and well read. I honestly couldn’t help but start laughing.

“Her husband was upset and asked what was wrong with Scarlett. Someone else commented that it was ugly, which didn’t seem to bother them. I said it’s actually a beautiful name but I laugh at how she just admitted what kind of person she is.

“She told me I was boring and fun naming my kid Paisley or whatever and had an attitude for the rest of the night. My boyfriend is on my side but a few other family members said I was being rude and that I better not be a hypocrite and expect good boundaries from her when making life decisions.

People didn’t see the funny side of the original poster’s comment about her mother-in-law and instead said maybe she was the mean one.

One wrote: “‘My boyfriend’s mom is just not a nice person. Classist, snobby, cold, selfish.’ OP, based on everything you’ve written, YOU are all of these things.”

“Why are you jealous of your boyfriend’s mother? You sound really awful,” one scolded.

Another said: “Honestly you sound like pure drama.”

However, someone championed the original poster, writing, “I’m not saying the OP’s reaction was appropriate, but I can certainly understand her assessment of the mother’s character based on her self-attributed identification with and affinity with this literary figure.” “

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