“My mother is messing up my brother’s marriage – he’s ignoring his wife’s wishes”

A concerned sister has been praised online after speaking up for her sister-in-law as she disliked the way her brother was treating her – but she ruined his birthday in the process

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The mother fixes their relationship (stock photo)

When it comes to in-laws, many people find it difficult to get along with their new family members, especially their mother-in-law.

A woman from the USA is said to have exactly this problem, as the older woman “rolled over” her. Marriage, invade her privacy and make important life decisions for her.

That’s what the sister-in-law who shared a post says Reddits Am I the A**hole forum, about the tense family situation.

She explains that she doesn’t like the way her brother treats his pregnant Woman, always ignored her wishes and often sided with his mother instead.

Things came to a head recently on the man’s birthday when his wife told him she didn’t want her mother-in-law in the delivery room, but he insisted he would be there.

As a result of the argument, his wife didn’t attend his birthday dinner – and his sister got involved.

He takes his mother’s side about his wife (stock photo)


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Her post on Reddit reads: “My brother and his wife live at my mother’s house. Mother tends to constantly interfere in her marriage and my brother allows her. SIL always complains about mom overruling her decisions and violating her privacy.

“When SIL got pregnant her mother got worse, she went out and brought a whole nursery and put it in her room even though SIL had one in her room. Her recent conflict revolves around mom pushing to come into the delivery room and SIL says no. Not only does my brother side with mom, he promises to keep her happy.

“Last week we were at mom’s house for my brother’s birthday, his friends came and asked why SIL wasn’t at the dinner table. My brother nonchalantly said that she was just a princess and was acting spoiled and immature above all else.

“I was shocked and hurt on her behalf, so I replied ‘actually … she’s probably just upset now that she’s realized you’re a class mama’s boy who’s willing to do whatever mama says while.’ you ignore your wife’s wishes’.

“Short silence while his friends stared, he started arguing about how disrespectful I was.

“Dinner got awkward and my brother’s friends left early. He jumped on me and said I embarrassed him in front of his friends and ruined his birthday dinner. I decided to go home because he kept screaming. Mom then called and demanded that I apologize for the rude things I said at dinner, but I declined.”

She asked other Reddit users if she was wrong in calling her brother about his behavior — and they agreed she wasn’t.

More than 1,100 people responded to the post with one saying, “I’m glad someone is championing SIL. The icing on the cake is that Mom called you after he babbled because his feelings were hurt.”

Another replied: “I knew where this was going to go once the mom set up a friggin’ nursery in her own bedroom… like she’s having a baby with her son and not her DIL. Oedipal. Disgusting.”

Another commented: “Sounds like you gave your brother a little moment of realistic honesty for his birthday. I can’t wait to find out what you’re getting him for Christmas.”

Do you agree? Let us know in the comments below.

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