“My neighbor is trying to tell me what I can do in my own house because of her baby”

A woman has claimed she has problems with her neighbors over noise as they are having a new baby and are trying to dictate what she can and cannot do in her own home

Woman dealing with her next door neighbor
She told how her neighbors came and moaned about it (stock photo)

When it comes to neighbors, many of them have opinions about how others who live near them behave.

Of course, nobody wants to be stopped by loud noise every night, but people have the right to play music and have fun in their own homes.

However, one woman has claimed she has major issues with noise and her neighbors.

writing in a post on Reddit, The anonymous person explained that her neighbor had recently had a baby and was trying to tell her what they do and don’t do in their own home so as not to wake the little one.

The poster explains that they’ve tried to be “more considerate” since the baby was born, but nothing seems to be good enough.

They claim the two main problems are their drums and their roller garage door – which beeps when it opens.

She was considerate while playing the drums (stock photo)



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“Even though I already soundproofed my rumpus room, I stopped playing the drums after 6 p.m. I also refused to receive friends in my backyard because of the noise outside. I think I was more than considerate, but apparently I wasn’t,” they wrote.

“I come home from work at 11pm and park my car in the garage. A few weeks ago my neighbor approached me and asked if I could wait until tomorrow to put my car away, but I declined as there had been burglaries of cars on our street recently. My car is also one that is often attacked by thieves as the parts are expensive and it is an enthusiast car. I apologized but was firm when I told her that under no circumstances would I leave my car overnight.

“I was coming home a few nights ago and her husband’s car blocked my driveway just enough for me to get through. It was kind of useless because I hit the button before I even got to my driveway, so it beeped anyway. She didn’t come out so I had her car towed and they haven’t since.”

The last time she played the drums in her soundproof room was on a Saturday around noon, the woman continues.

She claims only “minimal vibrations” can be heard from it, and since the room is at the back of the property, it’s far from neighbors. However, it still caused problems.

“The woman came over and basically said she had put up with my noise long enough and was exhausted because the child never sleeps thanks to the noise I’m making,” the woman explained.

“I was definitely still upset about the driveway closure the other night and snapped a bit and told her I was being considerate enough and had already made concessions about the noise. I said that while it is within my right to play music until 10pm in our council, I broke up at 6pm out of consideration for her and her child. I said she has to get over it from now on because I’ve finished feeding her and her family.

More than 1,700 people replied to the post, and many agreed the woman wasn’t at fault.

One person said: “It sounds like you’ve been very sensible and you’re allowed to live your life. You have decided to have the baby.

Another wrote: “You did nothing wrong, in fact you were treated very considerately. But your neighbors? They think because they have a baby everyone has to bow to them now.”

A third added: “We live opposite a police station on a main road. We have a constant stream of sirens and loud noises passing our house daily and my one year old son has dealt with them since we first brought him home. If anything, I’d say the neighbors are exhausted having a newborn and are projecting their frustration onto the most readily available scapegoat.

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