My sister mocked my fiancee’s dead sibling in a sick joke with her hen

A WOMAN has not been invited to their sibling’s wedding after performing an “indescribably cruel” prank on her fiancée’s hen.

Write to Slate’s painful aunt column Dear Prudence, who explains that their 20-year-old sister announced at the party that she had brought a “surprise special guest”.

A joke with a hen backfired so much that the woman in charge was not invited from the wedding.


A joke with a hen backfired so much that the woman in charge was not invited from the wedding.Credit: Getty

That’s when she rolled out “a skeleton wearing a bridal gown”.

But when her sister-in-law died at the age of 16, the poster was shocked that their sibling “did something barbaric on stage”.

Their family tried to get them to forgive their sister, by telling them “She crossed the line, but it was just a joke. You know, she likes to be sharp. She is devastated.

“Come on, she’s a stupid kid and it doesn’t mean anything. She’s so sorry and just wants to get back to normal.”

However, this person has yet to receive a response from the sister herself.

“I stood my ground,” they continued. “Probably for the first time in my life. This is such an indescribable cruelty (to anyone! Whether I love them or not) that I can’t just sweep it under the rug.

“So now my family side (parents, brother, aunt and cousin) doesn’t come to the wedding.

“Whatever. I don’t care. Only at this point, even my fiancée wants me to give in to keep the peace.

“She said it wasn’t worth causing much disruption because a stupid joke went wrong. Except it wasn’t a joke!

“Nobody considers it funny and really expects people to laugh.”

And while their fiancées have told them to let things go for now, instead of making the situation worse, the poster is not willing to let things go.

“I feel I’m right, but no one else seems to agree,” they concluded.

I clearly felt she was the one to blame, but at this point it was all on me. “

Dear writer Prudence

“And no one even tried to make my sister apologize! I felt that it was obvious that she was at fault, but at this point, it’s all my fault.

“I’ve started to wonder if I’m really the one in the wrong here by not letting it pass?”

In response to the letter, Jenee Desmond-Harris of Dear Prudence – the store’s current grieving aunt – replied: “I don’t think you’re the bad guy! She hasn’t even apologized!

“You should be responsible for who from your family’s side is invited to your wedding, and your fiancée can do the same for her side.”

She added that while the fiancée “generously” forgave her sister, that “doesn’t mean you want to look out in the audience when you’re standing in front of the altar and see someone you’re upset with.” angry and think terrible”.

“While the skeleton incident isn’t aimed at you, it makes sense that it would change the way you feel about her,” she concluded.

“Just stand firm on this!”

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