“My sister refuses to babysit because she hates children — I think she’s selfish.”

A man is furious after his sister refused to look after his son – despite telling him months ago she would “never babysit” because she hates children

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The father and his wife needed a babysitter but his sister refused to help (stock photo)

For any new parent with a supportive family, having someone to look after your child when you need a babysitter is invaluable.

But you should not rely on your family in vain childcareespecially if they’re family members who have specifically told you they don’t want to babysit — as a new dad Reddit recently discovered.

Sharing his story anonymously, the man said he and his wife welcomed their son into the world 10 months ago and were told by his sister at the time that she wasn’t interested in babysitting because she doesn’t like it children.

But when the time came when the couple needed childcare, the father contacted his sister anyway — and then called her “selfish” for saying no.

Dad called his sister ‘selfish’ for refusing to babysit (stock photo)


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He said in his post : “My wife and I welcomed our first child into the world about 10 months ago. His paternal grandparents (my parents) live several states away, but he has two maternal aunts and uncles by marriage (their husbands) and a number of maternal grandparents. He also has my sister as an aunt. My sister is a bit rebellious who swears she will never marry or have children and claims she doesn’t even like children.

“When my son was born, I remember my sister visiting him in the hospital, which actually surprised me a bit, but when she saw her nephew, she said, ‘I don’t like kids, but he’s so cute that he has one exception is . He’s officially my favorite kid on the planet. But never ask me to babysit.’

“Well I never dreamed of asking her as he had two willing grandparents and two willing aunts.

The man explained his wife works in a prison and had recently been called to work at the last minute, leaving them lacking childcare at a time when no one else was available to look after their baby.

But instead of turning to a babysitter for the few hours they needed cover for, the man “begged and pleaded” with his sister, who refused – leading to his wife telling her employer that she wasn’t available work could come and received a written warning.

He added: “My wife works in a prison and as such is considered an ‘essential employee’. In other words, they can order her to work if they’re tight, and she has no right to refuse, no matter what. It honestly doesn’t happen very often, but when it does, it happens.

“Meanwhile, I work as a kitchen manager/chef in an event hall. I had a huge event last week on a day when my wife happened to be called to work that I couldn’t afford to miss.

“Our contingency plan in case something like this happened was for one of her sisters or her parents to babysit our son. However, they were all out of town together that day, so I had no choice but to ask my sister to babysit her nephew for just a few hours until one or both could escape from our work, but she declined.

“I begged and begged her but she just didn’t do it and reminded us both that she told us she would never babysit and that our emergency was not her problem.

“Eventually my wife had to tell her employer, ‘Well, I just can’t come in. Do what you have to do in terms of discipline,’ which resulted in her being reprimanded in writing.”

The man then “moved out” on his sister, branding her “selfish” for her actions – but his sister has claimed she “owes him nothing”.

“I ended up going after my sister and telling her she was selfish and amoral. My sister said, ‘I don’t owe you or your wife just because we’re related,’ but I told her that was a terrible attitude,” he said.

Commenters on the Reddit post were mostly on the side of the sister, with many pointing out that the new dad was aware his sister would refuse before asking her.

One said: “Don’t expect people to do things they literally told you they never wanted to do.”

And another added: “She told you clearly. You knew not to ask. Your lack of planning and unwillingness to pay for a babysitter is not your sister’s problem.”

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