‘My smell at a pheromone party enveloped me my man – and now we’re happily married’

Can you smell the perfect partner? Planning director Jenny Shevlin, 29, believes you can do it. When she first met her husband Paul, also 29, the scent ignited a passionate romantic chemistry

Jenny Shevlin and her husband Paul met at a party and fell in love
Jenny Shevlin and her husband Paul met at a party and fell in love

A picture was projected onto the wall in a cool Shoreditch bar of a man holding a t-shirt with the number 37 showing on the bag he was in.

It’s not just a t-shirt – this is what I’ve been wearing to sleep for the past three nights, meant to help it absorb my odors and attract a mate.

This man was instructed to spend the evening smelling about 50 shirts from different women, all in their twenties, and he decided that my scent – lingered on the my plain gray shirt – is the most desirable thing…

It was, me and woman number 64, whose shirt he wore on his left hand. Lucky for me, he has no clue who it is. But his kind face makes me want to reveal myself to him. Maybe we’ll get along and I’ll have a few dates. It’s worth a shot.

This 2015 pheromone party was something I decided to attend on a whim, after seeing it on the Design My Night website.

The idea behind this fact is that if you’re attracted to someone’s pheromones it increases your chances of becoming a couple.

You can put any t-shirt in your pocket – mine is relatively simple because I want someone to choose me for my smell, not my fashion sense.

I also don’t use perfumes or sprays, a rule many men don’t follow, I note, as some of their bags have an overwhelmingly pungent smell!

Paul chooses two t-shirts – one of which is from Jenny

I’m a sucker for things and would love to hang out in bars and indulge in 50 men’s t-shirts. To me, it’s just silly fun on a Tuesday night and nothing more.

I never thought I would meet my future husband. I’m certainly not in a hurry to settle down. I have been enjoying the single life in London for the past three years. I even deleted the dating apps, deciding that they weren’t interesting at all. Instead, I leave my fate to the universe.

Grinning, I walked over to the handsome man, who I discovered was named Paul. He laughed and said that it was his friend who organized the event called The Pheromone Party and he only joined at the last minute because they needed another man.

So he actually didn’t wear his t-shirt for three nights – maybe that’s why I didn’t choose him.

We had 15 minutes of a little awkward chat – usually how you meet someone you love – and then went our separate ways.

I was waiting in the robe queue when I turned to my partner and said, “I’ll take his number.” When I set out to look for him, he came towards me to do the same.

He was flying back to Northern Ireland, where he lives, the next day because he was only in London to visit, but we were still texting. We messed up about anything and everything. It is always enjoyable to receive his messages and we are in regular contact.

The first day lasts a week

Our first date was unusual in that it lasted all week. Paul was only going to visit for a few days, but in the end we got along so well that he stayed longer.

It was like a romcom, spending our time at museums, going bowling and eating at nice restaurants.

Meeting each other in such a discreet and intimate manner, it felt like the barrier between us immediately dropped. There are no games and all the usual dating rules are thrown out the window.

We’ve been open about how we feel. I knew I was in love when he came home a week later and he knew it too. We confirmed it by saying it out loud to each other on his second visit.

Paul and Jenny on their wedding day


Sarah Folega Photography)

After a year apart, he moved to London and we got together. We got engaged on our third anniversary in 2018 at the Belfast Botanic Gardens.

He handed me a handwritten note, “I don’t want you to be my girlfriend anymore,” and when I turned around, he was already on one knee and holding a ring. “Yes!” I cried.

The wedding was less than a year later. We didn’t want anything traditional so we held it at an old police station (it’s nicer than it sounds) in my hometown, Sheffield, and decided on a humane wedding because I don’t want to. religious.

That’s what Paul’s family is, but he hadn’t practiced in a decade by the time he proposed. Both families respect our decision.

A ceremony that suits us

Our humane ceremony is not legally binding, so we were also married when only our parents were present at a registry office.

There are campaigns to change this rule [in England and Wales] so an additional ceremony won’t be legally necessary in the future and I think that would be great – the world has changed. So many of our friends have expressed their wish to have a humane wedding after coming to us.

It was a very personal ceremony. We met the celebrant in the pub a few months ago and after a few glasses of wine she heard our story.

As we stand at the top of the aisle to say our vows, we too must go down the memory lane and feel grateful for all the moments that have led us to this point.

It’s nice to reminisce about how we met when bonding us for a lifetime. Of course, the Pheromone Party stood out, to the delight of our 50 guests who had heard the story before.

In a literal, symbolic gesture, we tied our hands together with the ribbon we now framed in our home. On the special day, I wore an ivory-white dress – I don’t want bright white – with a full body tulle covered in sequins, which really sparkled in the sun.

The couple had a humane wedding


Sarah Folega Photography)

If you’re in a couple then you’ve likely answered the question “How did you meet?” question a few times. We always put a smile on each other, before we start talking. Now we have the support and our audience is always shocked and amused.

We are very happy staying at our home in Northern Ireland with our dog – a rescue terrier named Fionn. The t-shirt that binds us together hangs in our closet.

I’m so content and it’s crazy that this wouldn’t have happened if neither of us had had a chance to do something out of the ordinary.

Now I can find myself missing the smell of Paul when he has to be away for a night or two, but the great thing about being married is that I know it will always come back to him when he returns.

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