“My son is angry that I won’t give him my engagement ring – he doesn’t want to buy one”

A woman has claimed her son told her she was “materialistic” after he asked to give his girlfriend her engagement ring, but she refused to give it to him as she wanted to keep it

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Engagement rings are special things and often have a high sentimental value, so it’s understandable that someone would be reluctant to part with theirs.

One woman has shared how much she loves her ring that when her son asked if he could have it, she didn’t want to part with it.

She explained that her 26-year-old son Sam wanted to give the ring to his longtime girlfriend Emily as a “family heirloom”.

The couple had announced their engagement, but Sam wanted to get Emily another ring, hoping he didn’t have to spend the money.

However, his mother was not so enthusiastic about his plan to take the ring.

He didn’t want to spend money on a new ring (stock photo)


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keep writing Reddits Am I the A**hole forum, She said: “Sam wanted my engagement ring to be given to Emily. Sam said this would be a great way to save him from starting his marriage in debt and not having to buy a new, expensive diamond ring. Emily added that she liked the look of my ring a lot and would love it if I passed it on to her.

“I love my engagement ring. I’ve worn it every day since my husband proposed to me with it and to be honest I have many years to live that I want to keep wearing until I’m old and gray. “My ring is not a family heirloom. My husband selected and bought this ring for me many years ago. So I told them I appreciated that they wanted my ring, but no, I wanted to keep it.”

“I’ve listed the reasons above and how I don’t want to part with my ring for the rest of my long life. However, when I am old, I would very much like to give it to their future children.”

Neither Sam nor Emily took it very well, as their son branded them “selfish and materialistic.”

She continued: “He said diamonds were a scam and asked how I could put him into debt to buy a new ring. Emily was disappointed and said she was hoping that my ring would become a family heirloom and a sign of welcoming her into our family (I’ve always liked Emily and we got along great).

“They also said I could keep my wedding ring so it wouldn’t be like they were leaving me with no rings to wear.”

The mother asked if she was wrong in rejecting her son, admitting that her husband is on her side and he’s glad she still loves her ring after all these years.

More than 3,000 people responded to the post, branding the newly engaged couple “egocentric” and urging them to grow up.

One person wrote: “Bad enough Emily was there too but Emily actually speaks up to express her own disappointment?!?! This is awesome. What’s next, they’re asking to have the house gifted by OP so they “don’t start their marriage in debt”? While we’re at it, go ahead and throw in all your savings, you two are OLD and your life is basically over anyway! If I were OP I would seriously wonder what my husband and I did wrong in raising this selfish AH and how he could possibly have turned out like this. NTA time for them to grow up.”

Another replied: “So not the way to start your relationship with your MIL. Also, if you are so concerned about ‘materialism’ and the cost of a diamond, you could always get a cheaper stone. Heck, pawnshops are full of other people’s heirlooms and diamond rings for a bargain when OP insists on a real diamond while he’s still a cheap asshole.”

A third pointed out: “If diamonds are a scam then why do they need one? That is ridiculous and hypocritical of them.”

Another added: “You know what selfish is? Demanding other people’s property because you’re too cheap to buy your own.”

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