My wife hid the camera in the old house to see how his new girlfriend treated their kids and said I was wrong for being offended.

A man explains that he was horrified when he discovered his wife Claire was spying on his ex and his new girlfriend with hidden cameras.

The husband, 34, explained that Adam, his wife’s ex-husband and the father of her child, started dating a new woman eight months ago and his wife was terrified.

The man explained that he was very angry with his wife for placing a secret camera in her old house


The man explained that he was very angry with his wife for placing a secret camera in her old houseCredit: Getty

While her ex was away, she entered his house and placed hidden cameras around so she could monitor how the new woman interacted with their six-year-old daughter.

Taken to Reddit, the man said: “Adam started seeing his now girlfriend about eight months ago.

“Claire is not happy about it. In fact, she is not pleased that Adam introduced my stepdaughter to his girlfriend so soon.

“Claire asked to meet Adam’s girlfriend to check it out and see what she’s going to be like for my stepdaughter, I don’t really care because of the drama and always have a mother-in-law involved.”

But it seems his wife went a step further than just wanting to see the woman for a checkup and actually decided to follow them.

He said, “However, I recently discovered that Claire had installed several cameras in Adam’s house while he and his girlfriend were traveling.

“Claire has the keys to Adam’s house because most of my stepdaughter’s stuff is there.

“Remember I found out by watching the conversation Claire had with my mother-in-law so she joined in on that conversation as well.

“I was annoyed that it was a complete violation of privacy but when I confronted Claire she said she did it because Adam’s girlfriend was moving in and she wanted to see how she treated her children. my own daughter.

‘I told her this was wrong but she said it was all temporary until Adam’s girlfriend was ‘clean’.

“I was still unconvinced and suggested she remove the camera because of the huge legal troubles when Adam found out.

“But she lost her temper with me and said I should stay away from it because I obviously don’t care about my own daughter’s happiness and well-being, but she has no proof or even reason.” due to believe that Adam’s girlfriend might be abusive to my stepdaughter.

“Claire said she just wanted to ‘check back’ and Adam didn’t need to know.

“But I disagreed and said I would tell him if she didn’t remove the camera causing her to lose it and asked my mother-in-law to close the door and make me stay in my lane but I couldn’t” t.

“Claire said if I told Adam we would have a problem and urged me to mind my own business because Adam was not more important than my relationship with her, so I shouldn’t even have intending to tell him and annoy Claire. just trying to make sure that her daughter’s future stepmother isn’t some witchy stepmother being created.”

Reddit users were quick to join in and share their opinions on the situation.

One said: “You need to tell him. This is illegal and you could be in trouble right now if you knew and didn’t act.”

Another said: “Tell Adam this is a complete breach of privacy. Depending on the laws in the country you’re visiting, you could face serious legal problems if Adam finds out. out.

“I would reconsider marrying this woman if this is what she wants to do. The ends do not justify the means.”

While a third said: “This is beyond crazy and quite disturbing.

“If I were you, I would look at your wife for a long time and ask myself if she really got over her Ex. Her celebration of him being out of a relationship and moving on and on. What is her reaction when her girlfriend comes into the picture.

“Worse case scenario, she’s no more than an ex. At best, she’s a controller with no boundaries. Lots of red signs here, you should be very worried.”

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https://www.thesun.ie/fabulous/8184875/wife-cameras-exs-home-new-girlfriend-treats-kid/ My wife hid the camera in the old house to see how his new girlfriend treated their kids and said I was wrong for being offended.

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