My wife is a super cheap person and it puts our kids to shame

One man has revealed that his wife is an extremely cheap person and even brings her own food to restaurants and asks them to heat it up.

The man, 42, said he started to really care about his wife’s money-saving habits because he was afraid his children would be embarrassed by her behaviour.

The husband worries the children will be embarrassed by their mother's behavior


The husband worries the children will be embarrassed by their mother’s behaviorCredit: Getty

He outlined the situation in a Reddit post, highlighting how the circumstances are affecting his 12-year-old son and 13-year-old daughter.

He wrote: “I just want to say that we have money and have no need to save money.

“My wife, 42, started wanting to save money and that started to upset the kids.

“She will buy food to take to the restaurant to be microwaved. We’ve had the look before and it’s always been rejected. It resulted in her making a fuss and being asked to leave.

“I told her she needed to stop and when we went out I would be fine with her ordering whatever she wanted. I usually pay for groceries, bills, and the food we eat out. “

He said that things really took a turn when they went out to eat for their son’s twelfth birthday.

He wrote: “My son turns 12 and he wants to eat at his favorite steakhouse. I have asked my wife not to bring any of her meals to the restaurant.

“We went to the restaurant and sat down at the table. My wife got up to go to the bathroom and we ordered drinks. When the drinks arrived, we gave the waiter what we wanted to eat and my wife ordered a small salad.

“The waiter came back with the meal and said, ma’am, we can’t heat this up for you. I found my son and daughter both embarrassed, and I apologized to the waiter.

“My wife spends the rest of the dinner quiet and not touching the salad she ordered.”

The man decided to say something about his wife’s behavior.

“I told her she was wrong to bring a meal when I asked her not to,” he explains. She began to argue that eating out is a waste.

“Then I said well, you embarrassed everyone, including our kids. She asked me to leave the bedroom and I am currently in the guest bedroom.”

Commenters agreed that the man’s wife was acting strange.

One advised: “I recommend looking at your finances in detail as soon as possible. Something is provoking your wife to act this way. Let’s first look at the external causes”.

Another wrote: “Your wife is acting weird. Is it possible that she is hiding a large debt from you? Is there any chance that she will be fired soon?

“If you haven’t used it now, check ALL of your financial accounts to make sure she hasn’t spent them all & all this wacky behavior is not an attempt to replace it before you notice it.”

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I’m the cheapest woman in the world, I refuse to buy new clothes and instead have dead ones My wife is a super cheap person and it puts our kids to shame

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