My wife left my neighbor ugly notes over a park row… it’s embarrassing because I think SHE is the one who is wrong

A WOMAN started leaving ugly notes on her neighbor’s car – but her husband has argued she’s wrong.

The man found himself in a sticky situation after a neighbor who lived on the same block of flats allegedly showed him a stack of horrifying notes the woman had left on her windshield.

The man's wife is said to have left ugly notes on the neighbor's windshield


The man’s wife is said to have left ugly notes on the neighbor’s windshieldPhoto credit: Getty

In a post on Reddit, the US man explained how his neighbors had been fighting for the best parking spot on their block.

And the spot everyone wanted belonged to a girl named Amy — who let her neighbors park there when she was gone.

Due to Covid, Amy had spent most of the year in a different area so she had her fellow neighbors park in her place.

And when the man who posted the story and his wife had a baby, all the other neighbors had them parked in the best spot – since it was covered and close to the exit.

However, Amy returned to the car park – and the angry woman reportedly began leaving dozens of nasty notes on her windscreen.

She is said to have even threatened to have the car TOWED because it “disrupts a young family’s routine” – unaware that the car was parked by the rightful owner of the lot.

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Now the woman wants to fight for her parking rights, the wife said.

The man writes on Reddit: “My wife and I have moved into an apartment complex. Each apartment has its allocated parking spaces (1-2 places) and they cannot be negotiated. Our apartment has only 1 place.

“We found that one of the lots (easiest to drive) has 2-3 cars taking turns so my wife asked about it and the girl Amy who owned the space was an international student who vacated the space place when she went to work during the semester break.

“She didn’t care who used the space as long as she got it back during her school days.

“Due to Covid, she wasn’t able to return for a while and during that time my wife had a baby.

“Autumn and winter were very wet so the neighbors kindly offered the space for my wife to park there with our newborn. Eventually it just became my wife’s parking lot.

“So the problem is, Amy came back when we were on a long weekend and we took my wife’s car so obviously there was a car parked when we got back but at the time we didn’t know it was Amy.

“I told my wife to just park in front of the guarded lot and that the car will most likely be gone by morning.”


But the parking lot was now filled with this unknown car – which obviously made his wife very angry.

He added: “About a week after that, I met Amy getting out of her car.

“I remembered what the neighbors had said, apologized for using their space and said I would pass the message on to my wife.

“Amy asked if the notes came from there, saw my confused face and said, ‘I’ll show you.’

“My wife had left rude notes on the windshield wanting Amy’s car to be towed for illegal parking and disrupting the day-to-day life of a young family.

“Amy had no idea who wrote it. Then she gave me a stack of them.

“I saw my wife’s writing and my face must have made it clear.

“I showed my wife the notes and she just said she has been using the space for over a year and it should be considered her property via a part-time resident and has the right to fight for it.

“I didn’t agree as Amy legally owns it and told her to just use our original space from now on, I would park outside.

“My wife got this very sour look and told me that I didn’t care about my son’s well-being and that I shouldn’t take Amy’s side.

“My wife wants me to negotiate with Amy but I find that silly as her apartment literally has her apartment number painted on it, it’s her apartment.

“I told my wife it might suck to have to park the car outside in the rain, but the parking lots aren’t trading cards. Since then, the situation has been tense.” My wife left my neighbor ugly notes over a park row… it’s embarrassing because I think SHE is the one who is wrong

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