“My younger sister slept with my longtime boyfriend and ruined my life” – Coleen Nolan

The Daily Mirror’s nagging aunt Coleen Nolan counsels a woman who has barely spoken to her sister in six years and even missed big family events to avoid her

A reader doesn't know if and how to reply to her apologetic sister (stock photo)
A reader doesn’t know if and how to reply to her apologetic sister (stock photo)

Dear Coleen

I am a married woman in my early 30s with two young children. I fell out with my younger sister about six years ago after she slept with my longtime boyfriend, destroying my relationship and basically ruining my life.

Of course, he was also to blame, but I couldn’t get over my sister’s deceit and infidelity—blood is thicker than water and all that.

My parents have been very compassionate and supportive of me and extremely angry at my sister, but of course they love her and are still close to her.

Needless to say, her relationship with my ex didn’t last long. Unlike my parents, I hardly spoke to mine sister since everything happened She lives 70 miles away so there is no chance of meeting her and we visit the family at different times.

Over the years, my parents have tried to be peacemakers and bring us together. But I couldn’t and missed events like my cousin’s wedding and my mother’s 60th birthday and I didn’t invite her to my own wedding.

Now my sister has texted me apologizing again and asking to see my kids who only saw them a couple of times when they were with my parents.

I don’t think she deserves it, but I’d like your opinion.

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Coleen Nolan is the mirror’s aunt of death

Coleen says

I can empathize with you as I had a similar situation with one of my sisters and a friend many years ago. At the time I decided he wasn’t worth me losing my sister so I didn’t. For me it was the right decision. I lived with this guy, then he lived with my sister for two years, but when they broke up, I made her cry on my shoulder. I had moved on and met someone else and I didn’t care.

I think your ex might have gone with someone else if your sister wasn’t there. The important thing is that you are married to someone else, have children and are happy. Your ex has disappeared from the scene and moved on, but his legacy is this terrible rift between you and your sister. My opinion is don’t let the rot go on forever. Try to build bridges.

She knows how upset you were and that she made a really bad choice, and I’m sure she learned from that. And think how nice it would be for your parents if you could be in the same room together on special occasions.

I think holding on to those grudges keeps you from fully embracing your life because you still can’t let go of the pain and anger. And that can be very destructive.

The person it affects the most is you, especially when you miss important family events.

You have an opportunity now, so why not take a chance?

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