Naomi Osaka allays worries about her tennis future


Naomi Osaka has no time for people who doubt her ability to continue her tennis career as a new mom.

On Friday, the four-time Grand Slam singles champion responded with criticism at people who had allegedly expressed “concern” about her future in tennis since announcing her pregnancy in January.

“By the way, to the people who are suddenly worried about my career – there are many male athletes with children who are not doing as well as they should be worried about,” she says wrote on Twitter. “Thank you for your request. However, you may wish to forward it to someone who needs it.”

She added, “I’m not trying to make this a male/female thing, but let’s be.” [for real].”

Osaka announced her pregnancy by posting one Ultrasonic Photo on social media. She is expecting her first child with her boyfriend, rapper Cordae.

“Can’t wait to get back on court but here’s a little life update for 2023,” she captioned the post with a statement.

“Those few months without sport have really given me a renewed love and appreciation for the sport that I have dedicated my life to,” she wrote before sharing her plans to compete at the 2024 Australian Open.

Osaka told Today. published an article On Thursday, she shared that she’s looking forward to her child watching her play tennis one day, and seemed to hint that her baby is expected to be due relatively soon.

“The thing that pleases me the most is that a kid in the stands can watch me play tennis and say, ‘Hey, that’s my mom on the court,'” she said. “It really feels like a dream to think of my own child in the stands watching me and I’m so excited for that to happen in the not too distant future.”

Osaka had pulled out of the Australian Open in January, just days before she announced her pregnancy. The official Twitter account for the tournament announced The resignation took place at that time, without giving reasons.

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