National Guard deployed to classrooms

Today: Staff sergeants lead the classes, the Biden administration moves to end its policy of targeting Chinese researchers, and after a pandemic hiatus, Modern Love is back in the competition. college essay writing.

The Army National Guard is staff class in New Mexico to help address crippling staff shortages related to the pandemic. While there, they are using their intimate motto, “Semper Gumby” – Stay Flexible.

In a classroom in Estancia, about an hour from Albuquerque, my colleague, Erica L. Green, watched a Guard member use her uniform in a vocabulary lesson. The students are studying their pronunciation of “R bossy”, like in -er, -ir-, -ur.

“The replacement I am wearing GearOne student replied.

“Yes,” the teacher, Lieutenant Colonel Susana Corona, replied with a smile. “The director allowed me put on my uniform. I’m wearing a flag pair of boots. ”

Other states have also turned to uniformed staff to help schools cope. In Massachusetts, National Guard members drove the bus to school. In Oklahoma, police officers serve as substitutes. Some critics worry that putting more uniformed officers in schools could create anxiety among students who have had previous hostile experiences with law enforcement.

But in New Mexico, schools are primarily composed of members of the state militia as complicated But important step to recovery.

“You always have to be ready when there is a need, when there is a call to service,” said Colonel Corona, who watched his fourth grader attempt distance learning last year.

Some teachers have expressed gratitude for what is known as the “excess body”. Others see the rollout as a way to avoid solving lingering problems caused by staff shortages, although state lawmakers just passed legislation that would increase the basic salary of teachers by an average of 20 percent, starting this summer.

Erica reports that the students are mostly unfazed, but a third grader told her she knows that “this is not normal.”

First graders can also speak. They called their new teacher, Staff Sgt. Rainah Myers-Garcia, “Ms. Soldier.”

Once when a teacher was out unexpectedly, Sergeant Myers-Garcia relied on Google searches to handle a lesson on fractions. The next day, she had the work slip her mother had printed for a morning icebreaker, a bag of prizes she bought from Walmart, and two lesson plans she borrowed from other teachers.

“To protect them, their teacher is not here and they have a soldier for a teacher,” she said.

But despite the Guard’s hiccups and flexible first approach, superintendents and school leaders say the staffing shortage is too great to be tolerated without assistance.

“The image that comes to mind is walking into a grocery store and seeing the cars,” said Royceann LaFayette, a high school counselor in a farming community about half an hour south of Albuquerque. empty shelf.

Her school is short of about half a dozen teachers this fall. First class pilot Jennifer Marquez joined last month, which covers a variety of subjects.

“We will be using her daily until she receives an order to force her back,” said Eliseo Aguirre, the principal, “which I hope is not until the end of the year.”

US Department of Justice will announce soon changes to the China Initiative, a Trump-era effort to counter China’s national security threats. The revisions will most likely focus on efforts to root out scholars who have lied or concealed Chinese affiliates.

Critics pressured the Biden administration to end the program, saying it unfairly targeted Asian professors, chilled scientific research and contributed to anti-Asian sentiment. ASIAN.

They also say that the program has lumped financial disclosure cases with more serious crimes, such as espionage and trade secret theft, creating the false impression that everyone who concealed affiliates Chinese are all spies.

And while the show did lead to many supplications and faithseveral cases against scholars ended in acquittal or lay off.

In a high profile fiasco, prosecutors withdrawal fee against Gang Chen, a professor of mechanical engineering at MIT, after the Department of Energy said his undisclosed ties to China would not affect his grant application.

“You work hard, you get good output, you build a reputation,” Dr. Chen tell my colleague Ellen Barry this early year. “The government gets what it wants, doesn’t it? But in the end, you are treated like a spy. That just breaks your heart. It breaks your confidence”.

  • A new Virginia law goes into effect local school mask taskbar by giving parents immunity to their children without specifying a reason. The law signed by Governor Glenn Youngkin last week also limits distance learning.

  • The Maryland State Board of Education voted for cancel the school mask quest on Tuesday. Congress will make the final call.

  • School district in Jackson, NJ, is raising wages for bus drivers $30 an hour from $22.67 per houran attempt to address the shortfall.

  • The mask will optional at Anchorage public schools beginning February 28.

  • New Hampshire will no longer allowed schools switched to full distance or hybrid teaching because of the outbreak.

  • A good read from The Atlantic: Olga Khazan explore the question: “Should parents decide for themselves what children learn and how they live, or do government agencies have a role to play?”

  • And a good read from the Associated Press: Distance learning makes it easier young athletes to combine training, competition, and classroom assignments.

Colleges and universities

  • The head of the California State University system resignation amid allegations that he had previously mishandled sexual harassment complaints.

  • University of California, Berkeley, said they may have to accepted thousands of students less than planned. A state appeals court has ruled that it must cap enrollment to pandemic levels after a legal battle with a group of residents.

  • For many years, the State University of New York system has inflexible debt collection practices on former students with unpaid tuition bills. Now, officials are promising change.

  • New Mexico is expected to extend its free undergraduate program This fall, has been one of the country’s most generous.

  • An official at the University of Alabama resigned after police arrested him on charges of soliciting prostitution.

  • A private equity investor has been convicted 15 months in prisonlongest sentence ever in a nationwide college admissions bribery case.

  • Howard University received a Donate 2 million dollars to digitize a large collection of Black Panther archives.

  • Just odd: A student at Brigham Young University tried to do rocket fuel in his campus kitchen. He replaced 22 players after launching a fireball.

San Francisco recall

  • Chinese-American voters and volunteers have very important to win in the election to revoke the school board, which three members lost in a landslide.

  • One campaign organizer told my colleague Thomas Fuller, the San Francisco bureau chief, “This year, a lot of parents say to me, ‘We’re not scapegoats anymore. “We are still considered foreigners. We are American. You have to show us respect.”

  • From comments: Jay Caspian Kang examines ways to organize capitalize on anger about changes to the admissions process for Lowell, an elite public high school. (For more see most recent episode of “It’s Time to Say Goodbye,” a newsletter and podcast that Jay co-hosts. The conversation started at 54-minute intervals.)

And the rest…

The last time Modern Love held a college essay contest is in 2019. The world is… a different place, especially for college students.

Finally, the competition is back. And we want to hear from you. What is love like for you during these special times? Have you experienced surprising opportunities, unexpected challenges, new ways to connect or take advantage of difficult circumstances?

Undergraduates, submit your personal essay of 1,500 to 1,700 words no later than March 27 at 11:59 p.m. ET. The Times will announce one winner and four finalists in early May. The winner will receive a $1,000 prize, and all five essays can be posted on Modern Love.

Click here to More information About how to register, choose past winners and finalists and rules for this year. Good luck and see you next week!

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