New billboard for vaginal probiotics sparks fury over bizarre description of woman’s privates

A NEW billboard advert for vaginal probiotics has sparked fury over its bizarre message.

Probiotics are said to help restore the natural balance of bacteria in your gut – but one brand has now launched a range for the vagina.

The Happy Hoo-Ha billboard spotted in the US describes a woman's vagina as a panty hamster


The Happy Hoo-Ha billboard spotted in the US describes a woman’s vagina as a panty hamsterPhoto credit: Olly

But Olly, the maker of the Happy Hoo-Ha product, has described the supplement as “probiotics for your hamster.”

It claims to support your vagina’s health and pH balance.

go on twitter, dr Jennifer Gunther said the branding was “clearly something they’re proud of” after billboards appeared in the US — with even advertising on cars.

dr Gunter, who is known for debunking health myths, said: “There is no data showing that probiotics improve vaginal health.

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“But the lack of data seems almost insignificant compared to calling a vagina a *checks notes* panty hamster.”

The Olly website says so Happy Hoo Ha ‘Supports a healthy vaginal microbiome with two vag-friendly strains of lactobacilli naturally found in the vaginal tract’.

It also states that the probiotics provide “a clinically studied dose, 10 billion CFU, of Lactobacillus spp, the good bacteria that work with your body to keep your vagina happy and healthy.”

However, it is important to note that these statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

“This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease,” the manufacturers state.

dr Gunter also said that the brand was “vagina cowards” because it described the vagina as a “hoo ha.”

The vagina is on the inside of the body, with the cervix, uterus, fallopian tubes, and ovaries—the vulva (the bit you can see) on the outside.

It is a tube about 8 cm long that runs from the cervix to the neck, to the uterus and down to the vulva.

Vaginas help us with everything from sex to periods and, for the most part, are self-cleaning.

You should only use medication for your vagina after consulting your family doctor or gynaecologist.


Experts have previously said that your vaginal pH is sensitive and changes in it can be caused by anything from periods to pregnancy.

dr Jen added: “Apparently vaginas stink, sorry panty hamsters, according to @OLLYwellness and they spread the lie that probiotics can affect vaginal pH. Not surprising.”

Everybody is Vagina may smell differentand you should only be really worried if it smells a little unusual.

dr Suzy Elneil, Specialist in Urogynaecology and Uroneurology at University College Hospital, London, said: “Vaginal odor can change at different points in the reproductive cycle and should not always be taken as a sign of infection or disease.”

If you feel you need to use it scented products To cover up the smell of your vagina, you should see a GP.

If you notice a copper odor, it’s usually due to blood and could mean your period is about to start.

A smell down there is mostly down though bacterial vaginosis.


It’s important to remember that your bacteria downstairs often change, so in most cases a new smell wouldn’t be a cause for concern – but if it’s persistent, you should get it checked out.

Many Twitter users reacted to the Olly billboard – with some questioning the terminology used.

One user joked, “This is annoying and also utterly confusing for those of us who make decorative stuffed hamsters out of panties.”

“The word hamster used in connection with the entire pelvic area is… a little no good,” said another.

The Sun has reached out to Olly for comment.

A Twitter user posted a snap of the ad, which even appeared on cars


A Twitter user posted a snap of the ad, which even appeared on carsPhoto credit: Twitter/bbellaaaa

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