New footage of Lauren Boebert shows her vaping during “Beetlejuice.”


It looks like Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-Colo.) just blew out smoke as her team denied that she was muffled and disruptive during a performance of the musical “Beetlejuice,” as a new video shows her in the act seems to catch.

The conspiracy theory congresswoman was fired from the Buell Theater in Denver on Sunday night after several patrons complained about her behavior.

She initially tried to downplay the incident, but security footage shows what really happened.

9News’ Kyle Clark shared the highlights:

A pregnant woman who said she was sitting behind Boebert told the Denver Post that she had asked lawmakers – whom she did not know – to stop vaping.

She refused and later called the pregnant woman “a sad and miserable person.”

“These people in front of us were outrageous,” the unnamed woman told the newspaper. “I’ve never seen anyone act like that.”

Boebert’s team did it earlier this week claims that the only thing she did wrong was taking a photo during the performance. Boebert himself wrote on Xformerly Twitter that she was only “guilty” of “laughing and singing too loudly.”

9News also has a longer excerpt of the footage that shows Boebert being disruptive at several points during the performance, raising his hands and being very animated even at points in the performance where everyone else is sitting quietly:

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