New Oscars ‘fan-favorite’ category, the meaning of pig squeals, and other things you might have missed this week

1. Asking the Internet to be on the Oscars jury won’t end well

he’s already started building the Oscars – and the stakes are high as organizers try to make up for lost time, prevent viewer bleeding and make people forget that last year’s ceremony was held in a train station.

Solution? Why, a new ‘fan favorite’ category, of course. I risk that everyone on this planet knows that asking the internet to act as a jury rarely ends well. Hardcore fans of non-grata character Johnny Depp have secured his movie Minamata up there, as did Camila Cabello Cinderella.

I haven’t heard of it either. That’s a lot of work, and perhaps if the Academy were to worry less about nominations and more about making the show entertaining, the ratings wouldn’t drop.


Cameron Diaz only washes her face twice a month

2. Is Is Cameron Diaz really one of those great unwashed people?

Stay with Hollywood, this week CamEron Diaz insists she only washes her face twice a month. “I really didn’t do anything,” she said. “I never wash my face. Twice a month, if I’m lucky, I’ll say ‘Oh, I’d better put this on. One time works, right? ‘” Well, isn’t that something? Most Hollywood stars like to appear tried-and-true but often have a team of makeup and beauty professionals working overtime behind the scenes. So can not follow, precaution.


New show by Piers Morgan to air on TalkTV by Rupert Murdoch

3. Morgan is back and ready to annoy us

I hate to bring bad news, but Piers Morgan (he’s again) announced his return to TV. This happened after he released a short video like a toddler going directly into the air and attacking the set. Good morning England. Now he’s back with Piers Morgan Uncensored, a program that aims to “disturb all the right people” and “destroy that culture of cancellation that has infected societies around the world”. It will be broadcast on Rupert Murdoch’s upcoming TalkTV channel in the UK. Morgan shared a clip and the message “Trigger warning: I’m back… and I’m not censored”. Oh my God.

4. Companies claim to pay attention to distance

This week, International Women’s Day took place, honoring all the amazing women in history and in our lives. It has also become a day when corporations and companies try to show how progressive and inclusive they are, so on Tuesday there was a flurry of inspirational tweets and social media posts. The association urges us to “become women, see women, and elevate women”.

However, some of these plights were exposed when a bot started reposting posts along with each company’s gender pay gap. This caused a lot of confusion and the sudden deletion of posts. Should the mentioned companies pay attention to the bot’s Twitter bio: “Actions, not words. Stop posting. Start troubleshooting. ”


Short grunts mean happy pigs

5. Pig farmers are taught how to work hard

It was a pivotal week for science as a team of researchers finally unearthed what pigs were telling each other. Using an algorithm and data drawn from the calls of 400 pigs, the researchers were able to classify a range of groans by meaning.

The result seems to be that shouting and high-pitched barking is not a good thing, while short snorts are a sign of happiness.

An international team of scientists is hoping the study will help farmers better understand pigs and is classifying noise into a handy ‘screaming pig’ category. Hopefully the book will receive acclaim. New Oscars ‘fan-favorite’ category, the meaning of pig squeals, and other things you might have missed this week

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