NFTs offer astronauts a “new outlet” to share experiences, says spaceman Scott Kelly

With celebrities, athletes and politicians jumping into the non-fungible token (NFT) mania, the growing industry has attracted a veteran astronaut to share his time in space through NFTs.

In a Cointelegraph interview, Scott Kelly, a retired US astronaut, shared that he has a “growing curiosity” about blockchain technology and NFTs. According to Kelly, he has been eyeing blockchain for six years and saw its potential.

“I’ve developed a growing curiosity about how it’s going to play a role in space development, and I’d like to be a part of that,” Kelly said. Because of this, the astronaut wanted to introduce himself to the NFT community and contribute to charity.

American astronaut Scott Kelly in his space suit. Source:

The veteran spaceman recently released an NFT collection entitled Dreams Out of This World, which reimagines Kelly’s space journey through multiple digital artworks. The drop sold 3,333 NFTs and raised $500,000 in sales, which will go to the non-profit Global Empowerment Mission (GEM) to help people affected by the war in Ukraine:

“The crisis in Ukraine is very close to my heart, which is why we will donate 100% of the proceeds from the initial sale through GEM to support Ukrainian aid.”

While Kelly admits there are many other ways to help, the astronaut is grateful that launching an NFT collection has allowed him to help victims of the crisis. “I’m grateful to be starting a project at a time that allows me to support them in a way that I might not have been able to on my own,” Kelly said.

Kelly also hopes his entry into the world of NFTs could encourage other astronauts to explore the industry as well. He told Cointelegraph:

“NFTs can offer astronauts a new way to share their experiences rather than posting them on the internet, where they can quickly get lost in the clutter.”

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Meanwhile, a Web3 initiative called Reli3f raised $1.5 million for Ukrainian relief efforts. Through its second NFT collection, the project raised funds that will be distributed to various charities focused on the Ukraine crisis.