Nikki Haley wants Biden investigated, but Trump doesn’t want it that much


Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley is a firm believer in the rule of law — at least for Democrats.

Haley tried to assert that the American people deserve accountability for the Biden allegations, insisting, “Whether it’s a Republican or a Democrat, we have to be accountable.”

Haley insisted that her desire to investigate the Bidens was impartial, but it was her comments about Trump later in the segment that showed the former governor often displays a fractured view of integrity and intellectual honesty.

Although the allegations against the Bidens have not been proven and there is ample evidence that Trump stole and stored government documents without permission, Haley dismissed the new Trump allegations, saying, “We cannot continue pursuing every drama surrounding Trump.”

Many Twitter users were amused but not surprised by Haley’s hypocrisy.

According to NBC News, Trump currently leads the Republican presidential nominations as his most recent poll contacted about 51% of likely Republican primary voters, while Haley came in fourth at 4%.

You can watch the entire interview below.

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