Nikola Jokic hits Sun’s owner over his fall in playoff game


Denver Nuggets star Nikola Jokic tore up Phoenix Suns owner Mat Ishbia for “interfering with the game” after the two made contact during a second-round playoff game between the two teams on Sunday.

The altercation came after Sun forward Josh Okogie fell onto the court near fans as the two-time NBA MVP approached Ishbia, who picked up the ball from his seat on the court before Jokic attempted to swipe it.

The ball then flew into the hands of another fan before Ishbia approached Jokic, whose forearm touched the team owner before Ishbia flailed his arms and fell in his seat.

Jokic would go on to receive a technical foul before the Suns won game four and ended the streak.

The NBA star explained during a post-game press conference that an official told him he would “bow the fan” before claiming Ishbia laid hands on him first.

“I thought the league should protect us,” said Jokic.

“He’s affecting the game, I think he should be kicked out…”

“He’s going to get the ball and a fan is holding onto the ball like he’s trying to get kicked out of the game,” Malone said.

“The fan owned the Suns,” confirmed a report.

“I don’t give a shit,” Malone replied.

Ishbia’s move seemed to delight Suns star Devin Booker, who announced the move had earned his team “a point”.

“He was doing his job over there,” he added.

It’s unclear what action the league will take in response to the spat, although a number of Twitter users have commented on Ishbia’s “flop”.

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