Not so MMO: Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Preview

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands from Gearbox Studios, best known as the creator of the Borderlands franchise and most recently Borderlands 3, is my GOTY for 2019. The entire spin-off inspired by the fan-favorite film favourite Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon Keep DLC from border zone 2, more swordplay and magic than frantic gunfights. I got a chance to play a vertical slice of Wonderland last week. Does it capture the same magic from its inspiration?

For the demo, there are only two classes – Graveborne and Stabbomancer – but in the full game there will be a total of six playable classes. For the first run, I chose Graveborne first. It plays like a pet class and has a tiny companion Demi-Lich as a Class Feat that follows around and helps attack enemies. It also specializes in Dark Magic, which seems to be a new type of element introduced in Wonderland, and a lot of support skills in the tree are designed around this. There are two main Action Skills to choose from: Dire Sacrifice, which sacrifices health to deal damage in an area to all surrounding enemies, and Reaper of Bones, which heals and strengthens the player but takes a certain amount. The damage increases until the effects disappear. .

Both classes start at level 9 in the demo, but Graveborn comes pre-made with all skill points allocated to the tree, so I can’t service it to any playstyle. During my playthrough I managed to get to level 12 by the end – thanks to choosing to complete all available side quests. I wish I could explore the skill tree a bit more, or be at a higher level, because there’s a support skill in the Graveborn tree called Lord of Edges that looks like it would pair perfectly with the skill tree. Reaper of Bones action. The lower the health, the more damage you take and damage reduction. Combined with a powerful living leech, which many skills and weapons include as add-ons, there can always be a Reaper of Bones active where you’re constantly getting a boost. I did the theory, didn’t I? Probably. But that’s not one of the fun in Borderlands which game?

The gameplay is almost the same as Borderlands 3, but with one big change: the grenade slot is replaced with charms. Spells can range from using magic rockets to summoning hydras, even calling down an ice storm. The cool thing about spells is that they don’t consume ammo like grenades do, and they can be used simultaneously even when you’re firing or reloading. This just adds a new, more versatile tool to your arsenal and will help reduce TTK or Time To Kill, while you’re fighting hordes of goblins or shooting down flying wolves. Unfortunately, it seems the health has also been increased for the enemies. Compare to Borderlands 3, feels like enemies are more like bullet sponges (or arrow sponges) than before.

On the second run, I chose Stabbomancer, which acts as a rogue-ish type class. Its two main action skills are Ghost Blade, which summons a giant spinning blade, and From The Shadows, which renders you invisible and turns every hit critical. At first I wanted to use stealth/crit because it works very similar to how FL4K does in Borderlands 3, which is my main character to play. But after playing more with the spinning Ghost Blade skill, I’ve become more interested in summoning a giant, purple, spinning death blade. Its damage is also affected by the melee weapon you have equipped, which makes me really care about the weapon I have equipped, unlike my Graveborne. Close combat is not something I tend to do Borderlandsbut it looks like it will stand out more in Wonderland, at least with Stabbomancer.


When I was in the skill tree menu, a message regarding class skills mentioned that at a certain level – and presumably after getting to a certain part of the story in Wonderland – you will be able to choose a subclass. This means you will have access to the skill tree, action skills and even two layers of two separate classes. Ultimately, this means there will be a total of 15 different class combinations allowing for more unique and specialized builds than before. This is a much better system than just having multiple skill trees for a character like before Borderlands and it reminds me of how Flashlight III manipulate its skill trees by choosing a class and then a Relic to unlock another skill tree.

But it won’t be a Borderlands game (or now, Wonderland) without the spoils, and boy, still have people who love and love it. Even at Lv 9, I’ve found enough loot to regularly refill my inventory. I also have a habit of always picking up every new item because I want to try out all new weapons and spells. In the end, I had to settle for just picking blues and purples (and the elusive LEGENDARY items, which I managed to find in my time!).


There are new equipment slots in the character screen, including a melee weapon slot, as well as rings, amulets, and an armor slot that looks to replace the previous class mod slot from BL3. The new Armor-type items are especially interesting because they not only change your character’s physical appearance, but also add points for certain skills, much like class mods. Rare equipment can also include skills from two separate classes. I thought this was a mistake at first, but then I learned about the high school class system. This adds extra momentum to the loot tables and I’m happy to see other items that will have dual skill mods on them.

At first, I had a hard time understanding the different types of items and manufacturers because they were all different names, but quickly realized that they were all basically the same with just small variations. Wonderland does not exactly take place in Borderlands per universe, but I appreciate that fans of the series will still be a bit familiar with the different weapon makers and their weapon trends. Instead of Jakob guns, now Blackpowder guns (and crossbows) work exactly the same and have the same vintage aesthetic as them. Dahl is now Dahlia, Anshin is now Ashen, and so on and so forth.

The SMGs appear to have received the biggest overhaul, at least in terms of how they work, and now have different ammunition types depending on what element they fire. For example, Fire SMG shoots magic orbs that arc and explode on impact, dealing AoE damage. Lightning bolts fire a stream of lightning and will fire arcs between enemies, which is great for wiping out groups. Meanwhile, the poisons would shoot out a beam of particles like it was shot straight from the ‘Ghostbusters’. It promotes experimentation, at least initially, with all new types and weapons. I’m still more comfortable with traditional guns, but it’s nice to see that Gearbox is still stepping up the payload when it comes to weapon variety.

Speaking of pushing payloads, the amazing and talented Ashley Burch returns as the popular Tina and not only acts as a narrator at times but also plays a great DM. Burch really expands the range of his vocal repertoire by doing what a DM would do and voicing many different characters you meet around the world. This gives Wonderland a more authentic feel when playing a D&D campaign with your friends. The addition of other famous actors, such as Wanda Sykes as Frette, Will Arnett as Dragon Lord and Andy Samberg as Valentine, made Wonderland a force when it comes to pure talent. Unfortunately, aside from the occasional talk between Sykes and Samberg as their characters are in “real life”, there isn’t much dialogue between all of them to get a feel for their characters. I can only hope that over the course of the game their voices are broadcast more.


Finally, a new element to the loot is Lucky Dice, which are large golden D20 dice hidden across the map. These dice act as treasure chests, and also increase the Luck of your loot, increasing your chances of finding rarer and higher loot. A Lucky Dice is also where I found a Legendary item through plays through this preview. This, along with other hidden collections to look for, spurred exploration in a way that I found unhelpful in a single day. Borderlands previous game. I couldn’t find all of the 19 Lucky Dice hidden in this preview, but I do know that when Wonderlands comes out on March 25, I’ll dig into every nook and cranny to discover them all. Not so MMO: Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Preview

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