Nurse accused of forging references and sending inappropriate emails to co-workers is wiped out

A NURSE accused of forging references and sending inappropriate emails to two colleagues was cleared of all charges at an investigative practice exercise.

aenal Jaymalin, a former staff nurse from Tallaght University Hospital (TUH), Dublin, was cleared of professional misconduct and noncompliance with the professional code of conduct.

Mr Jaymalin was subjected to the Nurses and Midwives Board of Ireland (NMBI) to practice the investigation having heard evidence on nine separate charges.

Mr. Jaymalin did not attend the investigation and was not represented during the three days of evidence.

The first six charges involved providing references to two nursing homes dating back to 2010 and one hospital in 2015.

Fitness committee chairman Mark Blake Knox said all six allegations involving references were unproven beyond a reasonable doubt.

Blake Knox also said the other three charges, related to emails Jaymalin sent to two colleagues tasked with investigating him for disciplinary matters at TUH in February 2017, were unproven. .

The investigation learned that Jaymalin took a temporary job at TUH in 2015.

He was made permanent in January 2016 but was subject to disciplinary investigation in January 2017.

When contacted by one of the investigators, Mr. Jaymalin replied via email on February 1, 2017 that they could: “Go ahead and do your investigation. Either way, I don’t need it. That salary!”

In the email, Mr Jaymalin said he had filed a formal complaint and accused him of being a victim of racism, sexism, victimization, libel and abuse of power. “

He then wrote to the sender: “Who do you think you are? I am not satisfied with the way you have treated me. Use your brain if you have one. See you in court, my dear. I”.

In an email later also sent to another colleague on the disciplinary investigation team, he wrote: “Watch out, I’ll see you both in court.

“You and I are not afraid to speak the truth! Have you heard of the Equality Authority? And this will escalate, as I have informed the media!

“So who do you think will win??? Good luck! And remember you use your critical thinking in Thorough Investigation (SIC).”

Minutes later, a third email was sent out saying, “By the way, I have filed a formal complaint of bullying. So I see you both in court!

“God bless, and next time choose your battle, my dear, because I know what I’m talking about, and don’t treat me like a regular senior staff nurse, cause I’m Jaenal Jaymalin and always will be. I know my rights and restrictions very well.”

In his submission to the Advisory Committee to the NMBI CEO, Tony McGillicuddy BL said “there is no justification for the three emails”.

He added: “They are completely inappropriate emails for a professional to send to other professionals in the context of an investigation.

“Despite the personal pressures that anyone can understand under investigation, it is inappropriate to communicate in that way.”

Mr. McGillicuddy said that at the time of receiving the email, investigators were looking to “meet him for information or his story”.

The Committee heard Mr. Jaymalin’s resignation at TUH at 10:22 p.m. on February 1, 2017, in direct response to contact from a colleague tasked with conducting the disciplinary investigation.

“A few short minutes later, those three emails lasted from about 10:30 pm to 11 pm.

“It has been proven that the subscriber sent those emails. They were sent from an email address he used in his previous correspondence.

“There is no possibility that these were sent by someone else.

“They are sent in a context where the people tasked with conducting the investigation are respectful, polite and follow procedures.

“Refs to “I’ll see you in court”, “Who will win” and “This will escalate” – these should be seen as threats against a person charged with carrying out an investigation on at that moment.

“Emails and communications of that nature should be considered professionally disgraceful.”

Fitness for Practice Committee Chairman Blake Knox said the allegations related to the emails were not substantiated.

“With regard to allegations 7,8,9, the committee believes that they have not been proven to be fact beyond a reasonable doubt.

“And even if they did, the committee is not pleased that they constituted professional misconduct and failed to comply with the code of conduct.” Nurse accused of forging references and sending inappropriate emails to co-workers is wiped out

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