Olivia Rodrigo on ‘Vampires’ and alleged feud with Taylor Swift


Olivia Rodrigo denies rumors that one of the songs on her upcoming album will be about Taylor Swift…well, sort of.

The Grammy-winning singer spoke ahead of the release of her second album, Guts The guard around fan speculation that her song “vampire“is a dig at her pal Swift.

In the tune, Rodrigo sings about an unnamed “blood sucker, fame fucker,” leading people to theorize that the lyrics are about their fellow singer. The hearsay was fueled by fans’ suspicions that the pair were no longer friends after rumors of one began to circulate alleged feud between them.

Rodrigo goes on to sing that the nameless enemy “bleeds me dry like a goddamn vampire”.

“How do I respond to that?” Rodrigo told the Guardian when asked about the rumors in a story published on Saturday. The outlet noticed that she started whispering.

“I mean, I never want to say who any of my songs are about. I’ve never done that in my career and probably never will. I think it’s better not to pigeonhole a song that’s about that one thing,” she continued. “I was very surprised when people thought that.”

rumors about the couple frayed friendship became even more inflamed after Rodrigo said the New York Times in July that she had not attended any of them Swift’s Eras Tour shows.

Back in June, the “Drivers License” singer spoke about the creation of the song “Vampire”. Interview with Rolling Stone.

“I just sat down at the piano one day and played these chords, which felt kind of gothic to me,” she says said the outlet the acclaimed single. “I think there’s a lot of vampire stories to play with, like ‘You only come out at night’ and stuff like that.” There’s a lot of fun songwriting stuff in there.”

Guts is scheduled for release on September 8th.

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