Omicron is not always a light dose

Finally, IT has me. Covid. One week before Christmas.

Two weeks after receiving the booster, it let me down.

Not all Omicron cases are mild


Not all Omicron cases are mild

My battle with the disease that now infects a million people worldwide every day started with a stuffy nose and a sore throat.

Then a few hours later a dry cough appeared.

I have no temperature, no fever or chills, no loss of taste or smell. Classic Omicron.
I think this is going to be easy.

After all, I was fully vaccinated. I will deal with this in the next few days.

But I was wrong. Six days after I had my attack, the disease began to attack my digestive system, so much so that I had acid reflux for several hours that the demon would protest.

I became short of breath and started to panic. The next day, I was at A&E, breathing fast and labored. “

Damien Lane

I became short of breath and started to panic. The next day, I was at A&E, breathing fast and hard.

My chest X-ray showed what the A&E consultant said was what they normally see in a Covid patient. . . “A lot of Covid”.

My healthcare team put me on oxygen and gave me pills to attack the acid in my gut. Both helped and, fortunately, my stay at A&E was relatively short.


Then it went back to my quarantine hole and a diet of canned goods and lonely dinners.

Thankfully, I’m making repairs now. Still far from myself. I have good days and bad days. Fatigue is the worst.

Infection with Covid keeps you from sleeping. Nearly four weeks on from the positive result, I still find it difficult to nod, or concentrate, or shut down and relax.

The doctor described my brush with Covid as mild. I don’t want to imagine what those who are fighting a serious illness with Covid have to go through.

I saw some of them during my stay in the hospital, most of them young and unvaccinated.


The look of panic on their faces as they sat in the dark was fitted with oxygen tanks.

I was unlucky to have to go through what I did. Suffice it to say it was pure.

I almost lost a stone in the past four weeks, largely due to stress and anxiety.

Despite medical advances in combating Covid – and the abundance of vaccines to protect against serious illness and death – Covid still has the ability to dig deep, not only into your body but also into your mind. your mind.

Mental resilience is just as important in overcoming Covid as a strong body.


Maybe I don’t either, and Covid knows this and pounces. A friend who is a doctor who has treated me for a month with Covid makes it clear that the disease is finding and attacking our weaknesses, wherever they may be.

I am certain that my experience with Covid was atypical. Most people who contract the disease — especially Omicron, which now accounts for nearly 95 percent of infections — end up with very mild cold-like symptoms.

The proof is that Omicron is much less toxic than Delta has.

It’s more intensely infectious, but less likely to land you in the hospital or end your days.

Official statistics report that between 20 and 25,000 birds are caught every day.

The real number could be twice that number.


In the week after Christmas, more people caught Covid in Ireland than in the whole of 2020. It is tearing apart the population.

Some say this is a good thing. That means the disease will soon become endemic, as vaccination and immunity, thanks to the high numbers of people who contract it, reduce Covid’s ability to infect.

HSE says more than 20% of the population has been infected since the pandemic began.

The number must certainly be closer to 50%, what is with the lack of PCR supplies over the past few weeks and the fact that many people with Omicron have no symptoms.

Hence the Government’s optimism this week in saying that the threat from Omicron is largely over.

They quickly shortened the quarantine period for those who caught Covid and had previously been speeded up from ten to seven days.

That was reduced to five days.

If you are a close contact and have no symptoms, you do not need to be isolated now.

There are dangers inherent in this approach.

People who have not yet caught Omicron and are dose sensitive like the one I took – or even worse – may be at higher risk as a result.


However, the government is keeping an eye on the huge impact the layoffs are having on the economy.

They do not act in isolation.

Much of the Western world is doing the same, trusting the knowledge that science is proving that the Omicron variant is not causing more than half the loss in hospitalizations and deaths as initially feared. .

Does this mean the pandemic is nearing an end?

Virologists and immunologists are divided.

That’s right, the Omicron wave swept the world at a record speed and infected people in huge numbers.

The West, which has the highest vaccination rates, has so far suffered badly.

But as it moves to places on the planet where people are left unprotected by being unvaccinated, Omicron has the potential to cause greater devastation than here.

So unless we speed up vaccinations in the poorest parts of the world, Covid will continue to mutate and potentially become more virulent, and the cycle of pandemics will continue to drag on.

We are lucky that when it mutated violently, the Omicron variant lost its ability to infect the lungs, a fact that has saved millions of lives around the world this time.
Subsequent variations may not be so good.

Let’s not count our chickens yet.



The 8 p.m. closing times for pubs and restaurants are trying to stem a rise in Omicron infections – and should be put in the pandemic history trash soon after.

The number of cases is considered very small in this Omicron wave.

That’s because we didn’t see the severity of the illness that we saw with Delta.

The numbers in the ICU are not increasing, nor are our hospitals overwhelmed with Covid.

Accordingly, continuing to harm the public and restaurant owners is a bag of nonsense.

Those in the hospitality industry should be allowed to operate as usual, effective immediately.

Closing a store at 8 p.m. is medically and scientifically insane.

It was downright bad. And politicians watch out for the anger you’ve sown.

Pubs and restaurants have been in the purgatory for two years now.

Yes, with Delta, there’s a reason for them to close. That variant is more severe and no one is vaccinated.

Fast-forward to January 2022 and they are still being punished because those in power fear what happened in the PAST.

For Omicron, friends, the past is a foreign country.

It’s time to end this giant farce.

NOVAK Djokovic is the epitome of a man without style or class.

He has no redemption feature, save it for full enjoyment.

Anti-vaxxer Novak Djokovic


Anti-vaxxer Novak Djokovic

Anti-vaxxers should have been thrown out of Australia, completely stopped.

Why did he have to be resigned to stay and compete?

He won’t get the hit, so he has to face the consequences of that decision – deportation.

The courts sided with him earlier this week.

But hours later, his lie on his visa application surfaced.

He was even at an event in Belgrade with the children present when he became infected after contracting Covid.

The Australian government would do well to reverse the court’s decision to allow him to play at the Australian Open in Melbourne.

He should be put on the first plane back home immediately.

It is clear that he thinks he has gone beyond the rules put in place to protect the health and well-being of the majority.

He believes in the clapping trap and mumbo jumbo about vaccines. To be fair, everyone has the right to be stupid.

But if he wants to keep opinions that are objectionable and can put others at risk, he should accept what is coming his way. Villain of the week for me.



For the hundreds of thousands of you who are isolating yourself for a moment, you have my sympathies.

Especially if you’ve been following the Cup of African Nations since it started last Sunday.

It’s miserable. It’s true, playing matches on the equator in 34°C and 70% humidity can be a challenge – even for the world’s fittest boys.

This probably explains the poor condition of the footie on the show.

Who scheduled the start time? The demon himself, apparently.

The first match of the day at 2pm when the sun is at its most intense is like boiling someone alive in a cauldron (Google Uzbekistan to learn more about the dictator’s torture predictions).

That said, I watched most of the competitions. Nigeria, with the likes of Kelechi Iheanacho, Wilfred Ndidi and Samuel Chukwueze going for a comprehensive win. They are a breath of fresh air.

But to reach the top of the mountain, there is still a difficult slogan ahead.

The dog GODDAMN hasn’t stopped barking in my neighborhood for the past four months.

At 10 p.m. each evening, the monster – that’s all I could call it fit for print in a home newspaper – was released by its owner.

He barked continuously throughout the night, like a metronome, every five seconds.

It’s enough to make you want to end your day once and for all.

Who in their mind treats a dog like that?

That was cruel and infuriating, not only to the dog but also to the people living in the vicinity and suffering the poor creature’s never-ending discomfort.

Separation at birth


JOHANN Vogt was a 16th-century nobleman in the Polish city of Wroclaw.

By all accounts, he resembles a lady man who likes a great man (who is not) and is as dashing as they come.

His rugged lines and ice-cold gaze were reminiscent of one of Hollywood’s legendary actors, the great Robert de Niro.

The couple even have the same birth mark on their cheeks. Everyone has their doppelganger. Everybody. Omicron is not always a light dose

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