On ‘SNL,’ Biden hopes that Memes can help Ukraine crisis

This weekend’s opening sketch shows James Austin Johnson as President Biden in the White House, alerted by a group of advisers about increasingly tense situation in Ukraine.

An adviser played by Kenan Thompson said: “Putin has accumulated more than 100,000 troops on the border.

Another, played by Ego Nwodim, added, “We’ve even received some reports that Russia has invaded, but that’s from the same people who said Tom Brady is retired, so watch it. like broken salt.”

Johnson, as Biden, asked for support from NATO allies and was told all but Germany were contributing. “Oh my gosh,” he replied. “When Germany doesn’t want war, you know it sucks.”

A third adviser, played by Alex Moffat, introduced a review of what he said was Russian disinformation circulating on Ukraine’s Facebook. That includes an article from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention titled “US CDC strongly recommends Russia invade Ukraine.”

Thompson wondered if this was true, and Johnson cautiously replied, “In a few months in 2020 – the science is changing so quickly.”

The team looked at a range of pro-Russian figures on popular American memes, including The most interesting man in the world (with the caption “I’m not always invaded, but when I do, I like Russia better”) and Michael Jordan is crying (“Why should I be Ukrainian when Russia is two feet away from Russia”).

There was also a TikTok dance video that was met with objections from Johnson. “The choreography isn’t even sharp,” he complained. “I will log in finsta and ignite those people in the comments. “

The team looked at other videos, including a series of State Farm ads addressed to Pete Davidson playing a game the team said was an impersonation. Aaron Rodgers, quarterback for the Green Bay Packers. “Obviously that’s the real Aaron Rodgers,” he said. “I guess he left the Packers to play for Russia.”

Chloe Fineman, playing an evil high school student who is newly appointed Secretary of Defense, examines America’s unimpressive efforts to respond to social media, including a Evil Kermit the meme that Thompson appalledly describes as “cheugy. ”

Johnson wondered if the situation required a different approach. “Let’s do something fun and simple that everyone can get behind,” he said. “Like a drone strike.”

You know Willem Dafoe can act. (Oops, if you’re stuck because a strange parody of “Beauty and the Beast” near the end of the show, you see him dancing pretty briskly.) But if your wish was for “SNL” to help him sing, that’s been accepted in this filmed segment in which Thompson, Nwodim and Chris Redd contribute Weeknd-esque pop tunes about issues that keep them awake at night, such as noisy Spotify ads and their spouse’s pointy toenails.

Dafoe became the co-host of a TV commercial for an air fryer, who eventually began to sing. Let’s say he has the voice of an angel who also played an old salt unraveled in “The Lighthouse”.

This is a family newspaper, there aren’t too many specifics that we can recount here about this fake ad: It features Mikey Day, who is increasingly panicking as he interacts. with retired baseball star Frank Thomas (Thompson), former soccer player Doug Flutie (Kyle Mooney) and Dafoe as himself, all trying in the most blunt language possible to sell gave him a “male enhancement testosterone booster” called Nugenix.

But the guy has a little bit of a commitment to Dafoe, even if the sketch calls for him to fall to his knees, writhe in pain, and utter things like, “Your perfume smells lovely, ma’am. “

At the Weekend Update table, experts Colin Jost and Michael Che continued to talk about a potential Russian invasion of Ukraine and the imminent retirement of Judge Stephen G. Breyer from the Supreme Court.

Jost begins:

The stock market is plummeting and there is a risk of land war in Europe. So it looks like the Democrats are right: Joe Biden is the next FDR. President Biden is working to prevent a war between Russia and Ukraine and said a video call with European allies went “very, very, very well”. OK the third “very” worries me. You only say it when you’re trying to cover something up. Like if Matt Gaetz said, “that girl is very, very, very much older than 18.”

He continued:

Ukrainian officials are saying that repeated warnings about invasion only cause panic, and that panic is the cause of failure. That’s exactly what Lorne said to call us on to do this show in a blizzard. Also, am I wrong? I thought Ivanka was the sister of failure. [The screen shows photos of Eric Trump and Donald Trump Jr.]

Che revolves around Breyer’s retirement:

Supreme Court Justice Steven Breyer announced that he will retire in June. “We thank Justice Breyer for years of defending the rights of every American,” said libertarians who tweeted “retired bitch” last year. I sympathize with Breyer as I get these same tweets every Saturday night around this time.

We won’t lie: It’s had a bit of ups and downs so far, so who can better afford to deliver a much-needed win than Peyton Manning?

Manning, former MVP of the Super Bowl (and the “SNL” host) appeared at the Weekend Update table to talk about the thrilling results of last week’s NFL playoffs. “I heard they were fantastic,” Manning said, adding: “It looks like all the teams have done a great job. Lots of passes and, uh, all touchdowns were in the end zone. “

It turned out, however, that he missed the games so he could watch Season 2 of “Emily in Paris,” a show that Manning praised for its “romance, adventure, sensuality, culture, one theme new feminism – finally – does not refer to a culinary tapestry so rich that I can only describe it as erotic food. ” In Manning’s own words, we’ll just add: sacré bleu.

https://www.nytimes.com/2022/01/30/arts/television/snl-willem-dafoe-katy-perry.html On ‘SNL,’ Biden hopes that Memes can help Ukraine crisis

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